Uncharted Movie Now Called a “Hit Movie Franchise” After Doing Well at Box Office

Still a big hit!

Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group has released a statement in regards to the new Uncharted movie as they are pleased with the results.

Despite the mixed movie reviews from critics, Sony is rather pleased with how the Uncharted movie is doing in the box office. They are so pleased so much that its Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman is already calling it “a new hit movie franchise.”

Rothman states Uncharted’s big success is a big victory for the company. It was a big major production, but it got shut down when the pandemic hit yet it still generated a lot of money. A lot of money indeed.

Worldwide, Uncharted generated $139 million with its fourth biggest opening weekend earning $44 million in the US. It was expected to generate at least $30 million on its opening weekend, but it was estimated to have already exceeded that with $52 million through February 21, 2022.

Uncharted’s gains has already exceeded its $120 million budget. Also, to clarify, that $139 million? That is still not in ALL territories. The film has not aired yet in some countries.