Unique Features Teased For PlayStation 5

The much anticipated PlayStation 5 seems to be aiming for a distinctive image as they tease players with unannounced features. Said features will be exclusively unique the the upcoming PS5. This came from an interview with CEO Jim Ryan published by Business Insider Japan. It’s also hinted that unlike the PlayStation 4 before us, the PS5 will not be released much later for people outside Japan.

The interview is as follows:

During the migration from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, there will still be a great deal of PlayStation 4 users. That is very important and we have an obligation to those users. In the same way, we need to work out new appeals for PlayStation 5. This year will be a tough, but special year for us compared to previous console releases.

Jim Ryan when asked about the migration from PS4 to PS5

Each time a new console is released, the processor and graphics improve. Those are enticing of course, but we need to have special appeals as well. We have already confirmed the use of an solid-state drive. Having load times that are next to nothing is a major change. 3D audio and the haptic feedback support of the controller are also things that, when you try them, you will be surprised at how big a change they are. Even just playing the racing game Gran Turismo Sport with a PlayStation 5 controller is a completely different experience. While it runs well with the previous controller, there is no going back after you experience the detailed road surface via haptic control and play using the adaptive triggers. But you know. There are still more unique elements for PlayStation 5 to come that separate it from previous consoles. The ‘bigger differences’ have yet to be announced.

Jim Ryan on unique aesthetics of the new console.

I cannot comment on the timing of release or launch markets. However, the three-month delay for the release of PlayStation 4 in Japan was a decision that I was deeply involved in. There was reasonable ground for that decision, but these days I do not think that was a good idea. It was a decision made after much debate, but there may have been other options.

Jim Ryan on the release date of PS5

For those excited to see these new features of the PlayStation 5, we are always keeping an eye out for other news. Keep in touch with all the latest PlayStation happenings with Sirus Gaming.

Source: Gematsu, Business Insider Japan