How to Get V Rising Scrolls

This guide will teach you how to get and farm V Rising Scrolls for research in the Study.

V Rising Scroll cover

V Rising Scrolls are the key materials needed to research new weapons, armours, structures, magic, and consumables at the Study. In this guide, we will be talking about the ways on how to get and farm Scrolls in V Rising.

How to Get V Rising Scrolls

There are two ways of getting Scrolls:

  • Picked up as loot from enemies or breakables
  • Crafted from a Paper Press

Though crafting Scrolls from a Paper Press is the easiest way to get them, getting to that point itself take a while and, not to mention, also requires a lot of Scrolls.

So upon reaching the point that you’ll be needing Scrolls to unlock more recipes, you will have to settle with farming them out in the world first.

Get V Rising Scrolls from Enemies and Breakables

Get V Rising Scrolls from Enemies and Breakables
Scrolls drop from breakables.

Scrolls can be generally found from anywhere in the Dunley Farmlands. They can drop from +Lv.35 enemies and they can also be found from smashing crates and barrels that are scattered in the militia camps and villages.

Get V Rising Scrolls from Enemies and Breakables
Best Location to farm V Rising Scrolls

One of the best places to farm for Scroll is at Dawnbreak Village, at the east side of Dunley Farmlands. The houses in this small village have around 1-2 drawers, cabinets, or shelves that usually contain around 3-5 Scrolls. Raiding this village alone can net you of an average of 35 Scrolls per run, that includes the ones that drop from enemies that patrol the village and ones from smashed breakables.

Craft V Rising Scrolls in the Paper Press

As mentioned, getting to the point where you can craft Scrolls takes time and also a lot of Scrolls. First off, you will have to craft the Study by defeating Nicholaus the Fallen (Lv.37) to get its recipe and crafting it using these materials:

  • x40 Paper
  • x40 Plank
  • x8 Copper Ingot
  • x8 Grave Dust

Once that’s done, you will then have to spend 75 Scrolls to unlock a recipe in the Study. Recipes are randomly unlocked, so depending on your luck, it may cost you between 75 to 3,000 Scrolls before you get the recipe for the Paper Press.

Thankfully, the unlocking process does not repeat and cause a duplicate recipe. Moreover, once you start farming or just going through the camps and villages, you’ll eventually find books that unlock recipes, which may include the blueprint for the Paper Press. This will significantly lower the amount that you need to farm in total, plus any duplicate book can be salvaged at The Devourer for 15 Scrolls.

Craft V Rising Scrolls in the Paper Press
Use The Devourer to salvage duplicate books and get scrolls.

Once you have the Paper Press, you will then have to fight Frostmaw the Mountain Terror (Lv.56) at the Hallowed Mountains to unlock the Scroll recipe. Once that’s done, you can then start crafting Paper and Scrolls using other materials at the comfort of your castle. Crafting 1 Scroll will require 12 Gem Dust and 4 Paper.

V Rising Scrolls can also be used as a crafting material to make Schematics which is required to unlock the higher tier recipes at the Athenaeum. Schematics can be crafted at the Paper Press using 24 Silver Ores, 4 Spectral Dusts, and 8 Scrolls. So in case you have already unlocked all the mid-tier recipes and you still have a lot more Scrolls left in stock, use them to create Schematics.

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