V Rising Gloomrot Best Builds for PVP and PVE (2023)

Get a new edge in making the best possible PVP and PVE builds for the V Rising Gloomrot update with the help of this guide.

V Rising Gloomrot Best Builds 2023 PVP and PVE featured

The V Rising Gloomrot expansion has made significant changes to the game’s structure of spells. Many skills have been buffed, new weapons have been added, and we can now cast new magical skills. If you’re just entering the latest update, you could be at a loss for how many builds you can make thanks to new combinations of skills, equipment, etc. With that in mind, use this guide as such to find the best V Rising Gloomrot builds that have surfaced recently.

V Rising Gloomrot Best Builds for PVP

Our V Rising Gloomrot Best PVP Builds (2023) contains the detailed structure for the builds mentioned below.

Phantasm PVP Build

This build relies on stacking Phantasm, the new mechanic introduced in the Gloomrot update. Each stack of Phantasm increases the chances of you bypassing the skill reset, which allows you to keep using skills that put your opponent on edge. When combined with other factors like Scholar Blood, it increases the odds of your spells refreshing. Expect to make use of Chaos Volley for this build.

Frost PVP Build

Frost spells have gotten some big buffs in the V Rising Gloomrot update. You don’t even need Ice Nova for Crystal Lance to proc anymore, which now freezes enemies regardless of whether they’re chilled or not. This build is made to inflict the longest duration of freeze against other players, forcing them to be a helpless popsicle as you charge up your next attack.

Lightning Curtain PVP Build

The new Lightning Curtain spell can’t be underestimated. It’ll block any incoming attacks from enemies, not your own. The Lightning Curtain will also buff your allies who pass through it while debuffing and inflicting static on enemies passing through. It’s useful in a lot of situations where space is important.

Team Fights PVP Build

Team fights happen often, even in the Gloomrot update, so this build is suited to give you every advantage in helping your team. You’ll be making use of the new Lightning Curtain spell as well as some others, like Polarity Shift, to really be a team player.

Raid PVP Build

The best build when it comes to attacking other player bases or defending your own against other players. There’s a lot of summoning in this build, whether the Unholy Magic Mosquito or the Unholy Knights.

V Rising Gloomrot Best Builds for PVE

Check out our V Rising Gloomrot Best PVE Builds (2023) for details on how to get the builds below.

Gunslinger PVE Build

The Dual Pistols are a new weapon introduced in the V Rising Gloomrot update, and they’re leagues ahead of the crossbow. They have a faster fire rate and reload speed, but they also allow for a unique playstyle where you don’t have to worry about getting close to enemies. The potential build for this weapon in PVE is deadly and not to be underestimated.

Phantasm PVE Build

The Phantasm stacks introduced in the Gloomrot update are a godsend for spellcasters. Each stack of this gives you an increased chance to refresh your spells. This build makes use of some of the potent new spells that have recently come to V Rising and are highly effective against tough enemies roaming around the game.

Frost PVE Build

With the buff on Frost abilities, there are more chances to outright freeze enemies without having to chill them first. This puts a new spin on making Frost PVE builds, as you no longer have to sacrifice as much just to activate certain abilities like the Crystal Lance.

That’s the V Rising best Gloomrot Builds for 2023. Whether you’re aiming for PVE or PVP, this guide has something for you.

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