V Rising Gloomrot Best PVE Builds (2023)

What are the most meta PVE builds in the V Rising Gloomrot update?

V Rising Gloomrot Best PVE Builds (2023) featured

The V Rising Gloomrot update gives a new meta to the way PVE builds can be made. There are a lot of powerful bosses and NPCs that roam the lands and it’s going to take some clever and deadly builds to take them down. Use this guide to make the best V Rising PVE Builds for the Gloomrot 2023 update.

Note that you can only equip 2 basic skills, one travel, and one Ultimate so your options are going to be pretty limited. This is why you need to pick the best skills that are really effective against powerful enemies and mobs. Here are the best builds that you can make right now:

V Rising Gunslinger PVE Build


  • Dual Pistols
  • Greatsword


  • Discharge
  • Lightning Curtain
  • Travel: Veil of Storms
  • Ultimate: Raging Tempest


  • Jewelry: Turbulent Ornament

This Dual Pistols is a great weapon to use with this V Rising Gunslinger PVE Build as there are a lot of skills that complement that playstyle. The Dual Pistols is a new weapon to V Rising that came with the Gloomrot update. It fires three fast shots at multiple directions depending on where your mouse is aiming before it needs to quickly reload. You also don’t have to worry much about distance and, unlike the crossbow, the Dual Pistols have a much faster reload and firing speed making it vastly superior.

The Veil of Storms is the best travel skill for this build. Using it grants you 20% increased attack speed for 4 seconds and gives your primary attack 25% bonus damage while inflicting static. Enemies you dash also get inflicted with static. This is great for bursting out bullets in a short period of time ensuring you capitalizing on an opening to deal as much damage as possible. With the Turbulent Ornament jewel, you can inflict snare upon using your primary attack and increase the elude duration of the Veil of Storms.

Pick Discharge for even more movement ability. This lets you block melee and projectile attacks and move to safe spot which is important considering the dual pistols do need distance as you can’t move while firing them. You can even use Discharge offensively by passing through enemies dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting static.

Lightning Curtain is one of the new skills introduced in the Gloomrot update and it has massive potential. It can block incoming projectiles but not block yours. Passing through it grants you and your allies buffs while enemies that pass through it are debuffed and inflicted with static.

Greatsword is another weapon introduced in the Gloomrot update and it’s perfect with the Dual Pistols. It deals a large chunk of damage and can keep up with enemies in case they decide to get close.

For your Ultimate, the Raging Tempest is the best pick. It’s introduced in the Gloomrot 2023 update for V Rising and it’s extremely powerful. Raging Tempest makes you dash forward and bounce between enemies hitting them for 525% magic damage that’s split across the targets. Raging Tempest can strike enemies for up to 4 times in 3 seconds and inflict static debuff against foes.

V Rising Phantasm PVE Build


  • Chaos Volley
  • Phantom Aegis
  • Travel: Veil of Illusion
  • Ultimate: Merciless Charge or Raging Tempest

Blood Type:

  • Scholar


  • Jewelry: Chaos Jewel

This V Rising Phantasm PVE Build is best for high single target damage. It relies build building stacks of Phantasm, which is the new Illusion buff introduced in the Gloomrot update which increases the odds your skills will reset. Imagine putting your opponent on the ropes by continuously casting nonstop Chaos Volley combined with the Chaos Jewel which adds a lot more damage to its second hit. You can roll with any weapon in this build since it relies on magical abilities.

Phantom Aegis is a new skill also making its debut in the Phantasm update and you’re going to want this. It not only grants protection but also increases spell power which makes your Chaos Volley even deadlier.

Make sure to feed on Scholar blood as it increases your spell power, lowers your spell cooldowns, and can increase the chances of your spells being reset upon the next cast. It’s terrifyingly effective when you combine it with Phantasm stacks where you’ll constantly have a large chance to bypass the cooldown of your magical abilities. For reference, a max stack of Phantasm gives you 20% chance to reset all magical abilities and paring it with Scholar Blood increases the odds even more.

The reason why this Phantasm build is so effective is because of its ability to keep refreshing your magical abilities. Your opponent will have a hard time fighting you one-on-one when you don’t even need to get some breathing room for your cooldown.

V Rising Frost PVE Build


  • Crystal Lance
  • Frost Barrier
  • Travel: Veil of Frost
  • Ultimate: Merciless Charge or Arctic Leap

Blood Type:

  • Scholar


  • Jewelry: Shard of the Frozen Crypt

This V Rising Frost PVE build which involves taking full advantage of the new buffs in the Gloomrot update, allows you to build a deadly Frost build backed up by powerful jewels. This build is great for debuffing enemies and taking out bosses.

With Frost Dash and Veil of Frost, you can inflict the longest freeze duration against powerful bosses. Before the update, Crystal Lance needed Ice Nova to even proc on damage, but it isn’t necessary anymore as your opponent will freeze whether they’re chilled or not on hit. The Raging Tempest and Merciless Charge are the best ultimate picks here as they both deal damage to multiple enemies allowing you to quickly thin out hordes.

We still recommend feeding on Scholar blood with this, as this increases your spell power, lowers your spell cooldowns, and can increase the chances of your spells being reset upon the next cast. Also, get the Shard of the Frozen Crypt to increase your critical strike chances and damage while also increasing the power of your skills.

These are the V Rising Gloomrot best PVE Builds for 2023. Take your pick in which build is most helpful to you. We also have more V Rising guides for you to check out. Also, check our V Rising Gloomrot Best PVP Builds if you are trying to find the best ways to combat other players.