Valorant New Patch Adds New Surrender Option, Improves UI, and More


Game developer Riot Games has recently released patch 1.02 for video game Valorant.

Valorant Jett

The new patch has improved the UI, which now has a lot of changes. Players will be confused initially due to the number changes done, but Riot Games says that they will get used to it after a while. The changes were made to differentiate the current version from the closed beta. The developer promises that the navigation of menus will now be better with the new upgrade.

To exit to the desktop can now be done with one button press, and players can log out of the client if they want to. Riot Games revealed that the tweaks done in patch 1.02 is just a small part of a larger update coming later.

The new patch added the Surrender option, which is a sought feature by the players. They can now start a Surrender vote when they want to leave a losing match. Players on the surrendering team will need to vote Yes for it to pass. Only on round eight will players be able to start the surrender votes.

Check the whole patch log here for more information.

Valorant is currently available on PC.

Source: Official Blog

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