Riot Games Possibly Laid Off Employees Across Several Departments (Update)

The gaming industry is now facing difficult hardships.

Riot Games

Update: It has been confirmed that 46 employees have been laid off recently.

Here’s a statement from a spokesperson to media outlet Eurogamer:

“Riot Games implemented strategic shifts within a few teams to sharpen our focus in a number of areas. With these shifts, certain roles were eliminated, impacting a total of 46 Rioters. This is part of our normal course of our business: We periodically make changes to our structure and our teams based on what we believe will allow us to deliver the best content and experiences for players,” reads the statement.

“We never make these decisions lightly and will always start from a place of wanting to retain Rioters and have them focus on our highest priorities. While that’s not always possible, it’s our primary goal.”

Original article below:

A new report has revealed that the developer of Valorant and League of Legends, Riot Games, has now started a round of layoffs of its employees.

According to a recent Twitter post by award-winning eSports reporter Jacob Wolf, Riot Games has now started making staff cuts across several departments. He says that multiple people have told him of this update although he has not revealed who these sources are.

Wolf stated that the size and scope of the layoffs are not clear at the moment but he did say which departments are getting affected. The following have been reported to be affected by the cutoff: recruiting and human resources, support, and eSports.

Riot Games Record With Staff Reductions

According to Wolf, the company has not previously made any staff reductions in force in the past. He states that this could be in line with the recent massive layoffs happening in the tech, gaming, and entertainment industries. The hardships have now started to affect various corporations and one of them is Riot Games.

Riot Games has not shared any statements to confirm or deny these recent reports.

Valorant by Riot Games

Microsoft has also done the staff cutoffs just recently and it has affected various divisions including the gaming section. It was revealed that developers at Bethesda and 343 Industries got affected hard.