Vanquish Remaster Announcement Gets Leaked Ahead

vanquish remaster

The Microsoft Store recently listed a remastered version of popular action adventure game Vanquish.

Vanquish Remaster confirmed with leak

The listing was shown recently at the official Microsoft Store, which featured the remastered version of the game. This has now confirmed that it will have a new version with better visuals and more. The listing also featured the release date, which is February 17, 2020. It is most likely to be release for PlayStation 4 as well.

Check out the description here:


The hit sci-fi shooter returns. An overpopulated Earth suffocating under limited resources looks to Providence, the solar-powered space colony for support. When Providence is suddenly taken over by a mutinous group and its technology used to devastate cities, it’s up to a specially trained unit of space marines to reclaim the colony.

Equipped with BLADE, the experimental weapon system that can scan, copy, and save up to three existing weapons, space DARPA agent Sam Gideon must infiltrate Providence, defeat legions of future-tech foes, and disable the energy transmitter threatening life on Earth.

Key Features

  • 4K graphics at 60 frames per second available for Xbox One X.
  • Remastered for the first time on Xbox One.

Source: Microsoft Store

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