War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collaborates with FFI for New Event

Game company Square Enix has recently announced that popular Final Fantasy I limited-time collaboration event has returned to hit mobile game War of the Lions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

The FFI limited time event will be available starting today until July 13. Fans who have missed the original one can now get their chance to collect the original rewards from this event with new exclusive ones.

Beginning today through July 13, fans can enjoy limited-time FINAL FANTASY I themed rewards and activities, including: 

  • Returning Unit and Vision Card:
    • UR Unit Warrior of Light – An iconic character from the FINAL FANTASY universe, he is perfect to complement players’ parties and can perform the Crystal Braver Limit Burst (LB). With high HP and defense, he’s suited to take on physical attacks due to his resistance and can quickly dive into the enemy, protect his allies, self-heal and more. Players can attempt to summon him from a limited time banner, now until July 13.
    • UR Vision Card Death Machine – Featuring the infamous enemy from FINAL FANTASY I, upon obtaining this vision card for the first time, players will also receive the Death Machine esper. Players can attempt to summon this Vision Card during the campaign from two banners, including the “Death Machine Guaranteed 5-Step 10x Summon,” which guarantees this card on the 5th step.
    • Training missions for both UR Warrior of Light and UR Vision Card Death Machine are available for players to complete, helping them level up and enhance their unit/Vision Card during the event.
    • New Unit: UR Salire (Sweetheart) – UR Salire (Sweetheart) is now available to summon in the global version. Fully voiced, Salire (Sweetheart) can perform the powerful Limit Burst called the Bombardment of Love, which removes all buffs from her targets, then deals a large amount of damage and raises her charge time, allowing her to more quickly perform another action. Players can also obtain up to 120 Salire (Sweetheart) Unit Shards and other rewards by clearing the Salire (Sweetheart) Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions. Character Quest, Hard quests and EX Job for this new unit will also be available, allowing players to earn more upgrade materials for her.
       Event Quests and Ex-Quests: 
    • Event Quests – Players can clear Event Quests to obtain FINAL FANTASY I Event Medals, which can be traded in the FFI Collaboration Shop.
    • High Difficulty Ex-Quests – Players can take on the High Difficulty Ex-Quests and acquire the “Sword of Light” Crafting Recipe, which is exclusive to the updated event and never before featured, along with the “Armor of Light” Crafting Recipe, which was featured in the original FINAL FANTASY I collaboration. 
  • Collaboration Login Bonus – Players can earn up to 3,000 Visiore and 40 Warrior of Light Unit Shards, which will help quickly level up their Warrior of Light Unit, a Blossom of Paradise and many other rewards simply by logging in daily.
  • Limited Time Summons:
    • FFI Collaboration Reissue Daily UR Guaranteed Free 10x Summon – Players can perform up to seven summons on this banner, totalling to 70 summons, which guarantees a UR unit or Vision Card, available now until to June 22.
    • FFI Collaborative Summon – Players can pull to get the UR Warrior of Light (at a heightened summon rate) and the UR Vision Card Death Machine.
    • FFI Collaboration Light Applicable UR Unit Guaranteed Step Up 10x Summon – This step up summon guarantees a UR unit or Vision Card on steps one and two, a particular UR unit (including Warrior of Light) in step three, and other exciting bonuses.

WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in service with over 21 million downloads worldwide. The game is available now as a free download with in-app purchases through the App StoreGoogle Play and Amazon App Store.

Source: Press Release