Hello World! Watch Dogs 2 teaser leaked

On June 6, 2016, Ubisoft dropped us a teaser revealing what supposedly was a planned livestream date in which was supposed to give us our first look at the Watch Dogs sequel. It was expected to reveal more details on the gameplay, world, and main protagonist on the upcoming sequel. The leaked trailer, which was reportedly leaked at Twitch’s ads, reveals Watch Dogs 2’s release date as November 15. The leaked trailer supposedly showed off scenes of San Francisco, most notably of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the trailer, it featured things you’d expect from a Watch Dogs trailer like hacking, guns, and parkour in addition to a drone and horse head masks.  The trailer itself however was removed due to copyright. The trailer was captured and posted to Twitter by user named Fobwashed and can be seen below.


With the leaked Watch Dogs 2 trailer deleted, I guess we’ll have to wait for E3 (besides tuning in to their livestream right here) to see what Watch Dogs 2 will give us.

Watch the teaser right here below