Watch Dogs: Legion Does Not Allow to Recruit Children or Teens

Watch Dogs Legion

In the upcoming video game Watch Dogs: Legion, players are allowed to recruit almost everyone that they meet in virtual London. Each of those possible recruits has their own unique qualities, talents, and skill sets that can become an advantage in missions. In one of the trailers, there were even elderly people who were members of the Resistance.

Legion allows players to recruit almost anyone, but the exception of children or teenagers. Game Director Kent Hudson shared the reason why it was not possible.

Hudson revealed that players are not allowed to recruit children or young adults because the team did not want to promote the idea of kids using guns to engage in violent activities. This is quite the sensible reason too.

There are other ways to mix up gameplay too like taking down opponents with non-lethal weapons, which can be a challenge compared to fighting gung-ho and killing everyone.

Hudson also revealed that there is only a slim chance that recruits will have the same characteristics. They might have some similarities, but they will always have differences on other areas like race, default weapon they use, background story, and more. They are aiming to have each character to be as unique as possible.

Watch Dogs: Legion will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this coming Oct. 29. The Xbox Series X/S versions will be available on Nov. 10 while the PS5 version comes on Nov. 12.

Interview source: The Koalition