Watch Dogs: Legion Out Now

Game company Ubisoft has recently announced that the highly-anticipated video game Watch Dogs: Legion is now available worldwide.

The game is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store on Windows PC, Stadia, and Ubisoft+ subscription service. It will also release on Xbox Series X/S on November 10 and digitally on PlayStation 5 alongside the console on November 12. The physical version of the game on PS5 will be launched on November 24.

The game introduces the Play as Anyone feature, a never-before-seen gameplay innovation that was developed by Ubisoft Toronto, the studio behind it. Play as Anyone allows players to choose anyone from the entire city of London to be recruited for their roster of resistance members. Every single person in the open world can be recruited and played, is unique and has a backstory, personality, and skillset.

Watch Dogs: Legion will support hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing on Xbox Series X and full ray-tracing support on NVIDIA RTX-equipped PC units. This will bring real-time ray-tracing reflections to the streets of London. Anyone who bought the game on Xbox One or PS4 can upgrade it to the next-gen version for free while keeping their progression and in-game content between current and next-gen consoles within the same family with the help of the new Ubisoft Connect ecosystem.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, London is facing its downfall. Amidst the growing unrest of a restless London, an unknown entity named Zero-Day has framed secret underground resistance DedSec for coordinated bombings across London. In the aftermath, criminal opportunists from every corner of London took hold and filled the void left by a defeated government. As a member of DedSec, players will be going up against those criminal opportunists in Watch Dogs: Legion: sadists, mercenaries, cybercriminals, and more, so they’ll have to be prepared for a variety of situations. Players must recruit members into their DedSec Resistance to take on these criminal opportunists, liberate London and uncover the identity of Zero-Day.

Players who acquire the Season Pass of Watch Dogs: Legion will get access to Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline, a new storyline which includes Aiden Pearce from the original Watch Dogs game and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, fully playable in the single player campaign and online. Additionally, players will be introduced to Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order, thanks to a crossover with Assassin’s Creed; and Mina, a subject of transhuman experiments, who possesses the ability to mind control individuals. In addition to the unique playable characters and Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline story expansion, the Season Pass will offer extra DedSec missions, the original Watch Dogs Complete Edition from 2014, and more. The Season Pass of Watch Dogs: Legion is available for purchase as part of the Gold, Ultimate and Collector editions.

The Online multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs: Legion will be available on 3rd December as part of a free game update for all Watch Dogs: Legion players. Watch Dogs: Legion has a robust post-launch plan that will bring fresh content to the single-player mode and introduce online multiplayer modes.

Watch Dogs: Legion has a variety of accessibility options, ranging from fully customizable controls to directional audio captions.

With Ubisoft Connect, the ideal destination to connect with friends or participate in game events and activities, Watch Dogs: Legion also brings new exciting time-limited and community challenges, as well as a cross-game loyalty system that lets players earn an uncapped amount of Units to spend on unique rewards, like weapons, outfits and consumables.

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Source: Press Release