WB Games Reported to be Broken Up After AT&T’s WarnerMedia-Discovery Merger

American multinational conglomerate holding company AT&T has recently announced that it is merging WarnerMedia with Discovery and in the consequence, reported to break up WB Games.

According to a report by Stephen Totilo on his official Twitter account, the video game publisher is getting broken up somehow. This is due to AT&T’s WarnerMedia-Discovery sale/merger.

A representative has told Axios’ Sara Fischer that “Some of the gaming arm will stay with AT&T and some will go with the new company.” No other details were given though but this is a very interesting moment for the game company.

WB Games lists 11 studios and has developed games for all sorts of IPs and devices, and some of them are quite prominent in the gaming industry. For example, NetherRealm Studios is part of WB Games, and if it gets broken up, where will this iconic studio go to? This could have some good or bad effects for the current and upcoming games.