Hogwarts Legacy Trans Character Reveal Ignites Community on Fire

Threads on social media platforms are now burnt to a crisp due to this new controversy.

The big reveal of a Hogwarts Legacy trans character has now divided the community. WB Games and Avalanche Studios are now getting a lot of flak from fans of the Harry Potter universe and haters of J.K. Rowling.

After the release of the Hogwarts Legacy reviews, the gaming community quickly pointed out the inclusion of Sirona Ryan, the transgender witch living in the Hogsmeade village who can be encountered very early in the game. While some find her inclusion quite interesting but nothing to fuss about, there are some developers who are not amused by their inclusion.

It was recently reported that these developers have labeled the addition of Sirona in the game as a sort of tokenism. For those who do not know, tokenism is some reactive response to do a particular thing that gives the appearance of sexual or racial equality within an organization, workforce, or in this case, the game. Sirona was added in order to add a transgender character into the game to show representation and to lessen the backlash that the franchise’s creator has already done in the past in regard to gender.

Sirona’s name was also intended to be a reference to a Celtic goddess of healing, but it seems to be poorly received by some members of the gaming community. They think that Sirona’s name is the newest entry in the franchise’s list of names that were done awkwardly.

It’s fine that transgender characters get added to any game as long as they are not forced into the plot of the story and are naturally introduced to the narrative or the game. Sirona is not forced at all and is just someone that players encounter along the way.

hogwarts legacy trans character sirona ryan

Hogwarts Legacy launches on February 10, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.