What Are You Stupid Is One Fast-Paced Quiz Game

Beat-Fu Studio announces its first game to be launched April 16th, 2018. “What Are You Stupid” will be available for Windows and Mac OS on Steam.

“What Are You Stupid” is a fast-paced one vs. one quiz game that pits players against hilarious and eccentric opponents, all of whom happen to be immediate family and close relatives. Travel from house to house and throw down a challenge to whoever is waiting to prove his or her intellectual superiority. Presented with a casual attitude to questions as opposed to a formal TV game show, “What Are You Stupid” will appeal to everyone. It will keep you entertained with its minimalistic hand-drawn art and comedic ambiances.

Each character poses a unique threat to his or her category of expertise. Imagine getting bombarded with cinema trivia by a movie director wannabe or withstanding an onslaught of elementary school questions from your snotty cousin. Collect rewards for each victory or receive the humiliation of defeat!

Quiz game has never been this serious … NOT.


– Fast-paced trivia battle
– 100% hand-drawn art with pencil and paper
– 15 hilarious characters each with a unique personality
– 15 categories to test the breadth of your knowledge
– 15 wacky rewards to collect after each match victory
– More than 4000 questions to date and growing

What Are You Stupid? launches on PC later this month for only $9.99.

Source: Press Release