What I Think ‘Might’ Be Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Game

It has been officially announced by Electronic Arts (EA) that Titanfall creators, Respawn Entertainment, is currently developing a “third-person action/adventure” Star Wars game. In collaboration with Lucasfilm, they will be adding a new Star Wars adventure game that we have all been waiting for. But the next question would be… will this be a whole new different Star Wars experience? Will this new Star Wars IP be another lightsaber-wielding action with an unstoppable will of the Force like The Force Unleashed? Or better yet, will this be an improved Star Wars 1313 which was already cancelled a few years ago when Disney bought the rights of Star Wars?

We can accept the fact that there are not much details that were given in the announcement from Stig Asmussen – Game Director of Respawn Entertainment – and only states that it’s a “third-person action/adventure” genre. But that’s what we almost had thought as well with Visceral Games’ upcoming Star Wars game hinting that it’s an open-world game in one of the WCCFTech article, but it was later confirmed that Visceral Games is not in any way working in an open-world or a Han Solo game in a follow up WCCFTech post – that’s also without neglecting that it might be a “third-person” action or adventure Star Wars game.

With the recent transfer of the known head writer and creative director of Naughty Dog for the Uncharted series – Amy Hennig; it might also be a good note that Visceral Games might be working something similar to Star Wars 1313. Star Wars 1313 was actually like the Uncharted-ish action/adventure we’ve been waiting for and that’s without lightsabers and Force powers, just pure blaster-fire and covers, and more action. Phew.

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Shown at E3 2012 (GameTrailers):

I don’t have any doubt that Respawn Entertainment will have any difficulty of developing a third-person action/adventure game despite all of their projects are all first-person shooters. Let’s see how well they do in another genre. But for what I think, if Respawn goes directly for a first-person shooter Star Wars game (instead of a third-person action/adventure) with a plot and better gameplay experience than DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront, then maybe we might have the first-person Star Wars shooter we’ve been waiting for. However, I know for a fact that the game engine that Respawn is using will not be as visually great as what Frostbite 3 has to offer.

As a Star Wars fan, I just hope Respawn Entertainment and Visceral Games wouldn’t do the same mistake of limiting gameplay experiences and features, and also the lack of a campaign since a Star Wars game will never be a “Star Wars game” if it doesn’t have any well-written plot.

Then again, it’s my speculation that a similar gameplay and story of Star Wars 1313 is what Respawn Entertainment might be developing right now. Again, these are just my speculations.

Do you want a game similar to Star Wars 1313 that will be in the works by one of these big time developers? Or do you want a new story from what they can dig up from their Star Wars imagination? Let us know in the comments!