Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays Episode 2

Whatcha Playin'? Wednesdays

Hello and welcome to Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays, where we share with our dear audience, you guys, our “play” list for the week. It’s a new week for us here at SiruS Gaming and a lot of new, and old, games to play with. Summer is upon us so we’re definitely staying indoors to keep away from this scorching heat.

First off, Keith’s week:

“So over the weekend, I’ve been spending time playing Assassin’s Creed Rogue. I changed the settings to have the characters speak in Japanese (with English subtitles of course) and I honestly like the game more that way. I really wish they’d make this an option for all triple A games. Anyway, just dicking around in the game, I have come to appreciate the rope dart more than any subweapon in the game since the fact that it trips up any enemy and makes them vulnerable to an easy assassination makes one-on-one fights laughably easy. It made me feel like scorpion from Mortal Kombat which is another really nice bonus. One more thing that I also led about rogue was how bloody OP his ship, the Morrigan, was. Ramming gunboats never felt so good.”

James has been quite busy:

“I’ve been playing a lot of Infinite Crisis and DOTA 2 this week also planning on picking up Mortal Kombat X soon. I’ll be reviewing The Perils of Man and it’ll be out this week. Pretty basic week for me. Hopefully Ill get back to the PH for summer and get on with the PH FGC. I also hit up the arcades and practice with my team, Team LFJ”

Looks like Lex got some quality gaming time:

“Disciples of Ragnos are going to get their butt whooped by yours truly in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy later today. The lack of stable internet connectivity made it possible for me to finish games without distractions. Played some Injustice: Gods Among Us with my girlfriend, finishing some S.T.A.R Labs challenge missions and it was fun. Next in line for some singleplayer action is Star Wars Empire At War this week.”

I got to make use of my last free week very productively, in my standards:

“I got to play and do a review on Dyscourse a few days ago. I was able to play Please, Don’t Touch Anything, too, and I have still yet to write a review about it. For the side games, I totally had fun playing Risk of Rain after I got a free copy from a friend, in which I spent hours and hours just sitting in front of my PC and killing mobs over and over while trying to get a high score. I went to the arcades a few days ago to play Animal Kaiser and I had to return once more because I realized that I should have played the more recent Great Animal Kaiser. I thought the Animal Kaiser v.8 was more advanced than Great Animal Kaiser v.2.”

That was our week. How was your gaming week? Tune in again next week for another episode of Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays!

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