Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays Chapter 4

Whatcha Playin'? Wednesdays

Hello and welcome to Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays, where we share with our dear audience, you guys, our “play” list for the week. We got some new people sharing their gaming week with us today and we also have a special guest who gave us a peek in her gaming week as well.

Let’s get started with Lex’s week:

“This week has been interesting. Bought GTA V for PC and it was utterly beautiful and it was worth the money to waste on. I’ve been playing GTA V since April 18 and hopefully I can get the review up within the week. Even with the impressive graphical quality of GTA V, I experienced some issues with the game dropping FPS to 20 and random stuttering. I have an R9 290X CrossfireX enabled and it still gets issues even after the update to the new drivers of AMD. I found a fix though, using 1 GPU solved some lags in the game but not all. I’m beginning to be frustrated but hopefully when I get to see some patches from Rockstar or new driver updates from AMD, the game would be playable. Still, I’m hooked up with the game and I’m motivated to finish this great game.”

James had a busy week doing stuff:

“I haven’t been doing a lot gaming stuff for a couple of weeks since I’ve been preparing myself for my travel back to Cebu. Hopefully, I can play games until then. I’m excited to be able to play Mortal Kombat X and possibly Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike with a couple of friends when I get back, and maybe GTAV for PC when I eventually upgrade my GPU.”

And Keith’s week went something like this:

“Currently playing Skullgirls again because of the new Beowulf DLC being released. Normally, I, myself, am not really all that into fighting games, but Skullgirl’s a big exception, and it’s not just for the fanservice. It’s a nice game that’s easy to get into with a really unique art style that appeals to me and a soundtrack I find divine.”

Van is one of our contributors and he wants to share his gaming week, too:

“I haven’t done much anything rather than grinding my stats in Grand Theft Auto Online. I also play Hotline Miami series to sharpen my reflexes and reaction time. While I did those things, I sent my ship girls to expeditions to gather a lot of resources for an event which will start by the last week of April (KanColle). I recently downloaded a bunch of other games for my library and I’ll be playing them as soon as get tired of grinding my stats in GTA V.”

I haven’t been as busy as before with my gaming life this week:

“I’ve recently played and written a review on NeXus: One Core and The Charnel House Trilogy. I must say, NeXus: One Core was really hard for the casual me, not to mention that my PC lags. Not that I don’t put all the blame on my PC, maybe half on it and half on my skills. The Charnel House Trilogy was really nice, though. I don’t really play horror games but this game was rendered in pixel so I got through it without chickening out in one sitting. I just finished the campaign of the recently released game called Tiny Guardians and I’m just replaying the other levels for completion’s sake. I might play RONIN or Weaponographist next, I dunno. And yeah, Chroma Squad’s release date would just be around a week from now so there’s that, too.”

Jamzkie of BreakingMyGame wants to share her gaming week with us, too:

“I decided to take a break from PC gaming for this week and indulge in Android games with my awesome new phone – CM Flare S3. But for some reason, I miss my old game accounts and decided to take a trip down memory lane and play Tribez & Castlez, DomiNations, and Clash of Clans – old but still trending Android games that remained in my heart. I think these games will keep me addicted for awhile – no matter how historical they become.”

Those were our weeks and our gaming agendas. Care to share yours? We might be able to feature your gaming week in our next Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays article!