Whatcha Playin'? Wednesdays

Hello and welcome to Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays, where we share with our dear audience, you guys, our “play” list for the week. We have a new gaming week ahead of us and we are bound to get busy with these new games.

To start off, here’s Lex’s week:

Another week and I’m glad that I finished Assassin’s Creed III a few days ago. And fortunately, I was even able to write a review about the game. The week has been busy and I’m a bit away from gaming due to limited access with internet connectivity. Even without proper internet connection, I got started playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag to continue the compelling narrative. Hopefully this week when my paycheck’s going to come out, I might get Grand Theft Auto V and put aside ACIV. That’s probably all for this week, ACIV: Black Flag and GTAV.

My week goes like this:

I got to play Devouring Stars this week and got to make a review out of it. And congratulations to me, my review got featured on its Steam page, surprisingly. I also got to play Torchlight II again and it brought back some fond memories, like memories even way before I played Torchlight. It reminded me of the time I was playing Fate, which was a similar game. For this week, I will be playing NeXus: One Core which is a top-down runner. I’m still hoping that I get to play multi on it with someone else because the multiplayer mode looks fun. Here’s to more games in the coming weeks.

These are our gaming weeks. How about your gaming week? Tune in again next week for another episode of Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays!

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