What’s your favorite Dino? Here are the staff picks

With all the dinosaur hype coming from Jurassic World, and with LEGO Jurassic World right just around the corner, it’s no surprise that just like several millions of years ago, dinosaurs are once again the talk of the town. Not even the staff are exempt from dino-fever. That said, read on to find out what dinosaurs tickle the staff’s fancy.

Lex has definitely been enraptured with the big star of the latest Jurassic movie and chose it as his pick:

Indominus Rex is one of the new fictional dinos featured in Jurassic World. The scientists behind the fictional modern park, Jurassic World, combined DNA genetics of a Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, and Rugops. This new violent and smart carnivore is able to communicate with other dinos making it the most fearsome creature that ever existed in mankind.

The Indominus Rex is also called the untamable king for its ability to have its own mindset and goals as a dino. The terrifying mixed-genetics Indominus Rex wrecks havoc in Jurassic World making killing as its sport. A true killer unforgiving dinosaur ever existed and this is why the Indominus Rex is my new favorite dinosaur next to Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

hail your new king
hail your new king

Felippe’s pick is unique in that his favorite is the Megalodon, a feared hunter of the sea:

“So a prehistoric 60 foot shark that can consume a killer whale like small fish. Its a predator and its huge and that’s why I like it. Now imagine if that sucker were still swimming the seas today.”

Dave on the other hand believes that defense makes the best offense:
“I like the ankylosaurs because they are one of the badass herbivores back then. They are heavily armored and they have a club-like tail. One whip with that tail and you are dead.”
You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that club
You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that club
Now as for me, when it comes to dinosaurs you can’t possibly go wrong with a classic:
Fast, sleek, deadly. All these words describe the velociraptor. While being on the smaller side of the dino-spectrum, this does absolutely nothing to diminish the lethality rating of this ferocious beast. Incredibly fast with claws as big as daggers, these alone make quite a dangerous foe, but what really makes them a force to reckon with is their deadly team coordination. Unlike other dinosaurs, the velociraptor is known to hunt in packs which allow them to hunt prey several times larger than they are.
Now let that sink in for a moment. Something fast enough to catch up to a car with giant knives on each foot chasing you, scary right? Now remember that they hunt in packs.”   
he went extinct for your sins
Well that does it for the staff’s picks. Now tell us all about your favorite dinosaurs? Which big and scaly oversized lizard do you think is the biggest and baddest of them all? Feel free to write them down on the comments section.