When Does Apex Legends Season 15 End & Season 16 Revelry Start

Here's what you need to know about Apex Legends Season 16 start time

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As we look forward to the next chapter of Apex Legends, let’s have a brief look back on the season that came before it.

It’s not a stretch to say that Apex Legends Season 15 is one of the more eventful seasons to release in recent history. Though it’s as groundbreaking as Apex Legends Season 16 can potentially be, the Season did introduce players to the defensive Legend Catalyst and the new map Broken Moon.

When Does Apex Legends Season 15 End?

Apex Legends Season 15 is set to end just before February 14, 2023. Of course, that’ll depend entirely on individual regional times. Whatever the case may be, the launcher will begin the process of pre-loading next season’s content and the update will officially go live, marking the start of next season. At this point, the current battle pass will expire and the new one will begin.

When does Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry start?

Apex Legends Season 16 is set to launch on February 14, 2023. (Regional differences apply) The new season comes with it a host of sweeping changes that hope to rock the very core of the Apex experience for many players.

The changes include the shake-up of new Legend Classes, Legend updates, Fourth-year Anniversary celebration, and the introduction of the new energy burst AR, the Nemesis.

For a more accurate countdown until the start of Season 16, pay the Apex Legends Status website a quick visit.

And finally, Apex Legends will reward players who log in every day from February 14 to February 28, 2023.

Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry Log in Rewards

  • Crypto week 1 (February 14 – February 21)
  • Ash week 2 (February 21 – February 28)

To celebrate Apex Legends’ anniversary and its amazing community, every player will receive login bonuses for the first two weeks of Revelry.

Players who log into the game from February 14 to February 21 will instantly unlock Crypto as well as a thematic Pack guaranteed to include an item just for the overly cautious Legend.

Shortly followed after, players who log in from February 21 to February 28 will unlock the incisive instigator, Ash, and one of her themed Ash Pasks to brandish her new style.

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry is coming to PC (via Steam) and all mainline consoles starting on February 14, 2023. Check out the trailer here.

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