When Does Street Fighter 6 Take Place?

When exactly does Street Fighter 6 take place in the timeline? Uncover the definitive year of SF6 using this guide.

What Year Does Street Fighter 6 Take Place featured

The Street Fighter franchise has a long history dating all the way back in the late 80’s and had many crossovers with different games that the story and time placement can be confusing. Just when exactly does Street Fighter 6 take place? The latest entry is giving everyone a hard time trying to pin point where it falls in the time line.

This article will tell you what year SF6 takes place so that you can have a better idea of it’s placement in the overall timeline.

What Year Does Street Fighter 6 Take Place?

Street Fighter 6 would probably be sometime around the early 2000s. According to game director, Takayuki Nakayama, SF6 takes place after the events of Street Fighter III: 3rd Impact, which is set in 1998.

This would make sense logically, as the characters in Street Fighter 6 are shown to have just discovered smartphones, which became popular in the early 2000s. Keep in mind that both Street Fighter 4 and 5 were prequels set before the events of Street Fighter 3. This makes SF6 the first step forward in the story in 24 years.

So what has changed since the events of the previous games?

Well, for starters, the antagonistic organization of Shadaloo has been destroyed and won’t be coming back. This means that characters like Juri Han are no longer members by the time of Street Fighter 6, and you can actually find the Taekwondo master in question living a hedonistic lifestyle in World Tour Mode after Bison’s death and her loss of motivation for revenge.

Others, like Luke, have quit the military to teach MMA, which can be seen in the World Tour Mode. Chun-Li has also taken on an instructor role in SF6, teaching Kung Fu in a class that you can personally join. Ryu is continuing his long journey of becoming the world’s best warrior, which he feels he isn’t worthy of yet.

You’ll find other characters in better circumstances after Shadaloo’s demise. Blanca has become a much-loved tour guide for the Amazon Forest and is united with his mother. Dhalsim is happily guiding lost souls to master yoga while indulging in different varieties of curry.

With the turn of a new millennium, it seems the cast of Street Fighter 6 are living better lives. The early 2000s are ripe with technological advancements that the characters will have to get used to. Ryu, for example, is having some trouble getting familiar with his smartphone, while Juri Han is in her element.

SF6 is the most recent story in the timeline. While we don’t have an exact year, there is a strong argument that it takes place in the early 2000s because we know it takes place after the events of Street Fighter 3.