Where to Deploy Seismographs in Fortnite Season 8

Time to feel the vibrations.

It’s that time of year again Fortnite fans, the time to monitor vibrations on the ground! Fornite Seismographs are one of the quests that we got from the Ghostbusters: Afterlife collaboration and we’ll need to install seismographs in 3 out of 6 possible locations.

So we’ll be hunting for what looks to be blue outlines around the viable areas. All you have to do is interact with said outlines to deploy the seismographs.

Catty Corner and Misty Meadows are the areas that we can deploy them at and each of them has three possible placements. You don’t need to go to the next area if you’ve already deployed three in one area unless that’s just your thing.

Fortnite Seismograph locations in Catty Corner

  1. There’s one by the side of the road next to a van in the middle of area.
  2. There’s one at the scrapyard north of the area. It’s near the trailer that’s beside the workshop.
  3. There’s one behind the workshop to the south of the area.

Fortnite Seismograph locations in Misty Meadows

  1. There’s one by the fountain. It’s on the northwestern side of the area.
  2. There’s one in front of the bounty board next to the water on the south side of the area where there’s a hut and a dock.
  3. There’s one by the east side of area on the sidewalk.

So that’s all you need for Seismograph locations. You can also check out our other guides for Fortnitemares like our guide on exterminating Mini-Pufts, candy locations, Ariana Grande Monster Hunter quest, and more here on Sirus Gaming.