Where to Find Wild Dog Pampas in Wild Hearts

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Wild Dog Pampas is one of many materials that can be found and used in Wild Hearts to craft and improve weapons and armor. Finding this type of material is not that simple as it requires a special action that is featured in the game. In this guide, players will learn where to get such material, so read on.

What is a Wild Dog Pampas in Wild Hearts?

Wild Dog Pampas is a type of forging material that comes from the long leg fur of a noblegrass hound. This material is mainly used for crafting weapons and armor that players will need in their future endeavors in Wild Hearts.

Where to Farm Wild Dog Pampas

Getting this material will be a bit different from the rest. Players will need to go to Akikure Canyon and pet the Noblegrass Hounds. Once they are petted successfully, the hounds will drop Wild Dog Pampas for players to pick up. But do note, when searching for these wild dogs, they usually roam in packs of 3. Avoid being detected by them or else, players will fail in attempting to pet the dog.

To track them, it is recommended that players should their own Detailed Map View to track their locations in the Akikure Canyon.

And that’s our guide on locating Wild Dog Pamps in Wild Hearts. Feel free to check out our other Wild Hearts articles as well.

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