Wild Hearts Latest Update Trailer Features Beautiful New Kemono Species

A new Karakuri has also formed!

EA has recently revealed a new Kemono species that will be introduced in upcoming Wild Hearts April update.

The latest update trailer, Lethal Blossoms, reveals the newest Kemono that will be gracing the game in the upcoming April 6 update. This new Kemono is a beautiful sakura spirit called the deadly Murakumo. This will be available for players who already own Wild Hearts via an upcoming update.

By slaying this Kemono, the materials can be used to create new powerful weapons and armor to equip. After forging this new gear, players can enhance them via the new Limit Break system. This new system will be available for all pieces of gear players already own.

The Murakomo uses petal-manipulating attacks which can be tricky to avoid. When angered, this beast will unleash a thunderous tornado that can leave players unconscious if they get careless.

To counter Murakomo’s powerful attack, the Karakuri awakens a new form called the Spinning Top. Whenever it hits a Kemono or other obstacles, it gains both speed and power. It can stagger Kemono given it has enough speed and power when it connects.

The upcoming update will include many fixes as well, improvements, and adjustments. When it launches on April 6, 2023, full patch notes will be released.

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Wild Hearts is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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