Wild Hearts Amaterasu Monster Boss Guide

The doom of entire civilizations is upon you, prepare yourself

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First seen at the end of Chapter 1 during the Festival of Returns, Amaterasu is a Kemono that’s believed to bring good fortune to all those who witness its appearance. What the people of Minato are unaware of is that all the places where the creature is revered mysteriously and rapidly fall into fiery ruin.

According to its description, “This bird has been worshipped as a kami of the heavens since the days of yore. it absorbs celestial thread from its surroundings, filling its body with power and rage. During this time you have a chance to attack. Though its attacks are especially brutal when it’s angered, its wings are more vulnerable.

You can look at the entirety of Chapter 3 as the preparation stage to take down Amaterasu after the devastation it caused Minato. The Amaterasu Quest is all about gathering all the materials necessary to have a chance at taking down the sinister Kemono.

Wild Hearts Amaterasu Weaknesses

You might want to take this time to build up your arsenal and get your hands on whatever water-based weapons you are most comfortable with. If you want to have a clean shot at Ametarasu, you’d do well to not skip the grind. The creature is on a way different level compared to anything you’ve faced so far.

Despite its firebird-looking nature, Amaterasu actually has the Nature attribute. For all intents and purposes, the “Mighty” Kingtusk armor set is your best bet against its attacks. But make no mistake – Amaterasu is capable of shooting lasers when enraged, and there’s no blunting a direct hit from that. The Kingtusk armor is a little clunky and needs some getting used to. However, it should help a lot when the Kemono performs its sudden dive attack and sweeping wing attacks.

Slashing and Smashing weapons deal the most damage to Amaterasu. Hammers have proven to be effective in this fight. As for ailments, it looks like Poison and Fire do well in this but you really shouldn’t be relying on them too much.

Amaterasu Fight Strategy

If you can help it, always go for the head. Apart from the wings, it is the single most vulnerable part of its body. When it has fallen out of the sky, go for the head. Only aim for the wings when the Kemono is focused on you and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a laser beam. Other than that, body hits will guarantee you the most consistent amount of damage.

The harpoon karakuri is effective in hampering the birds’ movements. Though you’ll have to time it just right or it might miss. During times when the Kemono is trying to angle an attack on you, this is a good chance to build a Repeater Crossbow to deal damage while you try and hit it from another angle. In the right conditions, a Firework Karakuri should work to temporarily stun the creature but it should be looked at as a quick escape from a sticky situation. It also takes up a lot of resources to construct and is generally less effective than the harpoon karakuri.

It should be second nature by now, but you have to watch for attack patterns. Going in blindly is a surefire way of wasting all your healing water. Even with the best armor, you can possibly get at that point, it can still kill you in three to four hits. Look for openings and be patient more than anything else.

Amaterasu is quite fond of diving. If you notice that the bird is rapidly ascending, pause for a split second before dodging to throw off its tracking. Out of all of its attacks, the ground wing slash attacks should be the easiest to avoid, especially if you remain mobile at all times.

When it comes to Amaterasu’s beam attacks, most are delayed for a bit before exploding. It’s best that you get a feel for each single one of them to know their timings. But you’d want to stay as mobile as possible. This is why in this why we used the Claw Blade for the fight. This weapon afforded us a great amount of mobility and allowed us to take the fight to the air. The Bladed Wagasa was a blast to use too. Other weapons will require you to be more patient.

By halfway through the fight, the Karakuri weapon that’s meant to weaken Amaterasu comes into play. Unfortunately, that’s also the time when it starts to get enraged.

While engaged, Amaterasu turns into a one-shot machine. It gains a sweeping beam attack as well as a beam AoE with a large radius. We advise staying clear of the attacks. Your opening for an attack is when it is absorbing celestial thread. Use this moment to bring out the harpoon and crossbow Karakuri.

When the characters start talking about having a chance of taking down the creature, that’s when you are nearing the end of the battle. Don’t let your guard down for a moment. Amaterasu still has one final burst of energy for this last stand. You’d do well not to get swept away.

Now, this may be overkill but if you have dried vegetables and some Leoprine Fruit, you can put them in a Pickling Jar to make some Herbed Vegetables. They are more effective than regular vegetables. Actually, you can experiment with Leoprine Fruit in general as it adds wood-based effects to the pickling process.

Amaterasu Materials and Drops

  • Amaterasu Backbone
  • Amaterasu Bast
  • Amaterasu Pinion
  • Dawn Guard Kemono Blood
  • Dawn Guard Teardrops
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Beak
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Horn
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Pinion
  • Diabolic Amaterasu Tail
  • Daibolic Amaterasu Talon
  • Giant Autumn Breeze Crystal

Amaterasu Location

After the fight in the ruins of Minato, further encounters with the Kemono will occur in the Akikure Canyon. It’s going to be less powerful than first encountered but at least there’s more space to fight compared to the docks.

And that’s it for all you need to know about the Amaterasu boss fight. We’re not joking about the grinding part. It’s going to take quite a bit of preparation on the player’s part to be ready for this significant bump in difficulty.

Check out this video from Youtuber Boss Fight Database where they fight and win against Amaterasu.

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