Wild Hearts Celestial Being – Secret Final Boss Guide

How to defeat the Celestial Being in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Celestial Being cover

The Celestial being is a secret boss kemono that players can fight in Wild Hearts. It is the incarnate of the old celestial energy that has taken form of a humanoid creature. It is the final attempt of the celestial energy to keep things the way it is, but players will have to defeat it and break the stagnation to bring back the balance to the land.

Read ahead as we go through the entire Celestial Being secret boss fight and share tips and tricks on how to defeat it.

How to unlock the Celestial Being boss fight

The Celestial Being boss fight is a special fight that is part of the main quest of the game and serves as the ultimate conclusion of Wild Hearts’ story. It can be unlocked once the Celestial Dragon has been defeated for the first time. Players will then be sent to what appears to be the depths of the Sacred Mountain.

The Celestial Being can only be defeated once per save file.

Celestial Being tips before the fight

Preparing to fight the Celestial Being has to be done prior to fighting the Celestial Dragon as you will be transported to the arena almost immediately after defeating the Celestial Dragon. So make sure that you have your best gear with you.

Also, you’ll have a short trip from the starting point to the arena, and since the food buffs will wear off after the Celestial Dragon fight, remember to rebuff once again.

If ever you were fighting with a hunting party, your session will get disbanded as you can only fight against the Celestial Being in a 1v1 battle; even your Tsukumo won’t be assisting you in this fight. The other party members will either be sent to their own instance of a Celestial Being fight or just be sent back home to Minato if they have already fought the Celestial Being before.

With all those said, you won’t really have to worry much about not being prepared at all since this is a special fight that would let you fight against the Celestial Being as many times as you need to until it falls so you cannot fail it. Being prepared will definitely help you get through the fight quickly.

Celestial Being Phases and Attacks

The Celestial Being boss fight has two phases. The first phase and second phase share majority of the same attacks, but the Celestial Being can chain more of these attacks in quick succession. Most of the attacks are telegraphed clearly, so you’ll have ample time to react to them.

On the second phase, the Celestial Being gains the ability to create its own jump pad and block karakuri and use them to do special jumping attacks.

The fight will become more like a Souls-like boss fight this time as you’ll be fighting against an entity without having to worry about going for specific weak parts.

Phase 1

Here are the attacks that the Celestial Being can do in the first phase:

  • Slash – The Celestial Being slashes its sword forward. It can also leap from a distance to do this attack. It can also swing around twice and finish with an upward swing.
  • Slash Combo – The boss slashes its sword twice then stabs the ground, releasing a burst of celestial energy from where you are standing.
  • Ground Swing – The boss drags its sword on the ground and hurls a ground fissure at your direction.
  • Deletion – The boss conjures a box similar to when you are about to delete a placed karakuri. The box expands for a bit and explodes, dealing damage if you get caught within it.

Once enough damage has been dealt, the boss will glow green and keel over. The boss will then get revived for the second phase.

Phase 2

Here are the attacks that the Celestial Being can do in the second phase on top of the attacks from the previous phase:

  • Teleport – The Celestial Being stabs its sword on the ground and teleports several times around the player. It’s mostly used to reposition itself and it will do a follow-up attack depending on its position relative to the player.
  • Energy Burst – Similar to the Slash Combo, but without the sword swings, the boss stabs the ground to release a couple of energy bursts from where the player is standing.
  • Multiple Ground Swings – The boss can chain multiple ground swings while teleporting quickly which makes them harder to dodge.

Once the boss’ HP has been depleted, the usual defeated sound will ring and you’ll be able to deal the final blow which ends the fight. There’s no rewards to be obtained from this fight. The final cutscene will then play showing the events in Minato and the fate of the hunter.

Check out this video by Shirrako showing how to defeat the Celestial Being in Wild Hearts:

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