Wild Hearts Celestial Dragon – Final Boss Guide

How to defeat the Celestial Dragon in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Celestial Dragon cover

The Celestial Dragon is the final boss kemono that players can fight in Wild Hearts. It is the strongest kemono that stays on top of the mountain and brought upon torrential rain over the lands nearby when the balance of the celestial thread changed.

Read ahead as we go through the entire Celestial Dragon boss fight and share tips and tricks on how to defeat it.

How to unlock the Celestial Dragon boss fight

The Celestial Dragon can be hunted once the Emberplume and the Golden Tempest have been hunted down as part of the main quest in Chapter 4. Mujina will then tell you to head over to the Sacred Mountains and hunt down the kemono. The mountain region will then open up for the final fight.

Celestial Dragon tips before the fight

Here are some pointers to take not before starting the fight against the Celestial Dragon:

  • The Celestial Dragon has no elemental weaknesses, so use any of your strongest weapons that has the highest damage and best set of skills that work on your build.
    • Claw Blade has the best advantage for this fight for its maneuverability and ability to tether to the boss in the air.
  • Make sure to set up camp at the location where the Ancient Tree is located.
  • This kemono can be hunted solo, but it can get way too challenging especially that your Tsukumo won’t be enough to take the kemono’s aggro away from you for long. Consider hunting with at least with one more hunter to split its aggro.
  • Aside from your armor and weapon, take some time to improve your Tsukumo to raise your maximum thread capacity, as well as spend some of your celestial points towards upgrading your fusion karakuri such as the harpoon and the repeater crossbow.
  • Bring enough food that can last you two fights if you’re heading in for the first time.
Wild Hearts Celestial Dragon cover

Celestial Dragon Phases and Attacks

The Celestial Dragon has a total of six phases. Each phase will have distinct attacks on top of its basic ones.

Phase 1

The fight starts off with the Celestial Dragon at its base form. Its attacks during this phase will also be used in the latter phases.

  • Tail Whip – The Celestial Dragon curls its tail to one side and whips it towards another side. It can be evaded through with the help of I-frames, but it has to be timed properly. Otherwise, it’s best to stay out of the tail’s sweeping range.
  • Body Slam / Tail Slam – The boss will rear up its body before slamming it to the ground and can do this with either the front part of its body or its tail. It also causes a damaging shockwave, so dodging should be done at the very last moment to avoid both the body hit and the shockwave hit.
  • Head Bash – The boss bashes its head on the ground and hurls huge boulders in front of it.

Phase 2 – Spring

The Celestial Dragon turns the surroundings into Spring after taking enough damage. It curls its body up in the air and lets out a scream which sends roots coming out of the ground. It’s best to stay away from the middle of the arena when this happens.

  • Lightning Spots – Spots of lightning appear on the ground which explode after a few seconds. Getting caught in the explosion will deal damage and case paralysis for a few seconds.

Phase 3 – Summer

The Celestial Dragon turns the surroundings into Summer after taking enough damage. It also sends torrents of water down on the ground that can deal damage when they hit.

  • Fireball – The boss sends out a ball of flame that either stays in place, fly off in a straight line, or chase the hunter around. They explode after a second once they get close to the hunter and can deal massive damage.

Phase 4 – Fall

The Celestial Dragon turns the surroundings into Fall after taking enough damage. It spawns a tree in the middle of the arena that can deal damage when it hits.

  • Ground Scorch – The boss drops on the ground and heats up its surroundings. The ground will then explode after a few seconds and can cause damage to those standing in it.

Phase 5 – Winter

The Celestial Dragon turns the surroundings into Winter after taking enough damage. The ground below it starts to show fissures before exploding into huge icicles that can cause damage.

  • Icy Breath – The Celestial Dragon blows cold air in front of it that can cause frost.
  • Icicle – The boss can shoot out an icicle from its body.
  • Ice Spikes – The boss sends out ice spikes that slowly spread out away from its body.

Phase 6 – Celestial

The Celestial Dragon unleashes its full power. The flaps on its head open up to reveal its true head. It also has the ability to use the other special seasonal attacks.

  • Energy Balls – The boss spawns celestial energy balls around itself. These balls will home in on its targets’ last location and can deal tons of damage.
  • Lightning Strike – The boss flies around, causing lightning strikes underneath it.
  • Tornado Strike – The boss causes a tornado, sucking all hunters in the middle of the arena and causing the ones who get caught in the middle for too long to get stunned. It then follows up with a ground strike from the sky.
  • Bombardment – The boss flies up to the sky and disappears. A party member then gets selected as its target as the ground below them starts glowing and eventually gets shot with celestial energy.
  • Laser – Following Bombardment, a huge area around the target will glow and will get shot by a massive laser. The spot will not move, giving the target ample time to stay clear of the area.

Celestial Dragon tips during the fight

Here are some more tips that can help you during the boss fight:

  • The weakest points on its body are its front and hind legs, its head, and its tail (which can be cut).
  • Try to break its parts and use Hunter’s Arm on the open spots to easily gather celestial thread; there are no other sources of celestial threads in the arena other than that or by dealing damage to the boss.
  • The useful fusion karakuris to use are the following:
    • Harpoon – It can deal huge damage and stun the boss often.
    • Crossbow Repeater – The spread damage can help keep the damage uptime.
    • Healing Vaporizer – Putting one down from time to time can help alleviate the need of using healing water which cannot be obtained anywhere in the arena.
  • Make sure to find flat land before placing the karakuri, especially the harpoon which takes up more space. The ground is uneven at come points and can stop you from completing a fusion.
  • Try to spread out if you’re playing with other hunters so that the boss’ sweeping attacks cannot hit you all at once.

Celestial Dragon Rewards

These are the rewards that can be obtained from hunting the Celestial Dragon, along with the part break drops:

  • Celestial Dragon Scale (Head)
  • Celestial Dragon Limb (Legs)
  • Celestial Dragon Tail (Tail)
  • Celestial Dragon Horn
  • Celestial Dragon Spine
  • Celestial Dragon Claw
  • Celestial Dragon Essence
  • Celestial Dragon Tree Seed
  • Draconic Teardrops
  • Draconic Kemono Blood

The part break drops can be obtained either in calm or enraged states.

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