Wild Hearts Character Creation Guide

What Are Options Available for Character Creation in Wild Hearts

Character Creation is a popular feature found in any RPG game. Games like Hogwarts Legacy, Monter Hunter Rise, and Tower of Fantasy offer a unique lineup of options for players to customize their original character. This guide will introduce all character customization options and more, so read on and enjoy.

All Character Creation Options in Wild Hearts

Before starting the game, players need to choose out of 12 base templates and once players have chosen the baseline, players can give first with the Face customization.

Face Customization Options

Face Customization Options - Wild Hearts

The face has one of the largest selections that players can choose from. As players try to customize the face of their original character, they should know that the face customizations have these options:

  • 24 Face Types: Base templates to build one’s character.
  • 12 Face Shapes: Edit face details, including the chin, cheekbones, forehead, eye, and nose distances, and other changes.
  • 18 Eye Shapes: Edit eye details like size, spacing, and more
  • 9 Pupil Shapes: Edit the size and eye colors.
  • 36 Eyebrow Styles: Change the color and edit the details, including thickness, spacing, and more.
  • 12 Nose Styles: Edit the details, including the bridge, width, nostril size, and more
  • 12 Lip Styles: Edit details, including size, fullness, occlusion, expression, and more.
  • 7 Ear Styles: Edit ear details, including position, size, occlusion, and more.
  • 6 Skin Complexion Styles: Change the general color of one’s complexion.
  • 3 Wrinkle Sliders: Change wrinkles on the forehead, eyes, and smile lines.

Hair Customization Options

Hair Customization Options - Wild Hearts

After finishing with the face, players will be headed to the hair customization part where they choose how standard or wild they want to be in the game. Below are all the options found for customizing the hair:

  • 24 Hair Templates: These parts showcase some of the ways one can style his/ her own hair.
  • 29 Hair Styles: Edit the length and curl of one’s hair and see the different styles that can be used.
  • Hair Color: Choose the primary and secondary hair color
  • Additional settings based on the hairstyle: Depending on which hairstyle was chosen, players can alter the look of the front, top, and back of their head, change their double or single braid, and edit hair pieces, the nape, and the hairline.

Beard Customization Options

This part of the customization is optional. Players can choose whether or not to have a beard. If they have chosen a beard, there are a total of 11 Beard Types where players can choose the color, style of the beard, and more.

Make-Up Customization Options

To add even more style and color to one’s original character, there are a hundred options to choose from that make one’s character unique from the rest. The options are the following:

  • 16 Eyeliner Styles: Edit both the color and the shading intensity.
  • 15 Eye Shadow Styles: Edit the color and shading intensity.
  • 13 Eyelashe Styles: Edit two color types and the length of one’s eyelashes.
  • 8 Lipstick Styles: Edit the color and shading intensity.
  • 54 Face Markings: Players can apply up to three different face markings and their color and details like size, orientation, and more.
  • Body Options: Edit the following things about one’s character’s body: head, height, body fullness, musculature, bust size, buttocks size, and stride length.
  • 61 Body Markings: There are even more possible body markings that players can choose and apply to the face, chest, back, and left and right arms and legs.

Final Detail Customization Options

Final Detail Customization Options - Wild Hearts

This part would be the final selection and has only a few details to choose from. Though they are few, they are still important to choose from. The options are:

  • 3 Undergarment Styles.
  • 20 voices: 10 men’s voices and 10 females’ voices. 
  • 6 “personalities”: These determine some of one’s character’s emotions and how he/ she will appear on the status screen.

And that’s our guide on using character creation in Wild Hearts. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our other Wild Hearts-related articles and guides.

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