All Giant Kemono Locations and Weaknesses in Wild Hearts

What Are All The Giant Kemonos Found in Wild Hearts

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Giant Kemonos are gigantic and strong creatures that hunters will face in Wild Hearts. They are infused with the power of nature and every day, they grow stronger and bigger to fight. In this guide, players will learn about each of these creatures and what weapons should be used to defeat them, so read on and enjoy hunting.

Kemono are creatures that are infused with the power of nature and have different abilities that are uncanny and astonishing at the same time. There are two types of Kemono that players will encounter in Azume. One is the Small Kemono, small creatures that are mostly harmless and can be interacted with to get useful loot. The other type of Kemono is the Giant Kemono. as stated are large and strong creatures that are infused with nature and have specific weaknesses.

All Giant Kemonos Found In Wild Hearts

There are 33 Giant Kemonos that are found in Wild Hearts and out of the 33, 13 are variants known as Mighty Kemono Variants, a species of tougher versions of the previous Giant Kemonos that players had encountered in their past journeys. It is recommended that players should use stronger weapons when dealing with them and craft more durable armor to survive. The Giant Kemonos found in Wild Hearts are:


  • Location: Akikure Canyon
  • Players are recommended to use the Harpoon Karakuri in order to hold it in place and break off its weak points easily. Keeping one’s distance is important as once it has become enraged, it will start attacking in a manner as it does an area of effect damage. It is weak as well to wind elemental attacks and slashing and blunt-type weapons

Cobalt Lavaback

  • Location: Fuyufusagi Fort
  • The Cobalt Lavaback is a variation of the original Lavaback and has the same moves as the original. However, its weaknesses are different and can deal more damage. Make sure to pack meals to stay healthy. Also, this large creature is weak against piercing weapons and is weak to poison and sleep status ailments.


  • Location: Fuyusagi Fort
  • One of the hardest and most challenging Kemonos that players will face is the Deathstalker. This large and dangerous creature can leap distance at an incredibly fast pace. Capable as well as creating walls to set up his series of attacks. It is advised to memorize his movements in order to prevent much damage.


  • Location: Spirit Isle Hunt
  • This large rooster is susceptible to fire damage and like the Kingtusk, the most proficient weapon to use against it is the Torch Karakuri as it is also weak to slashing attacks. Be wary as this large rooster can do successive lunge attacks so dodging these attacks are the only way to avoid damage.


  • Location: Spirit Isle
  • This large behemoth is very easy to defeat. Players will need to bring piercing and blunt weapons that have wind attributes. Also, follow the instructions of the NPCs in order to quickly resolve this conflict


  • Location: Spirit Isle
  • Compared to the Amaterasu and the Golden Tempest, this one is slower in movement but it can do dive attacks and massive explosions that leave hunters burning. To defeat it, make sure to have both piercing and slashing-type weapons as well as weapons with earth elemental attributes.


  • Location: Blossom Trial Hunt, Akikure Canyon & Fuyufusagi Fort
  • At the beginning of Chapter 2, players will encounter their first flying Kemono known as Fumebeak. This large bird can poison hunters so using items to ward off poison is a must. When enraged, it will do countless dives and spinning attacks that are fast and dangerous. Recommended weapon to use is the Healing Mist Karakuri as it can heal hunters and more. Also, using piercing-type weapons with Earth element attributes is also recommended in grounding this bird.


  • Location: Spirit Isle Hunt
  • A large Tanuki is the Gritdog as it can attract nearby hunters to close proximity and use deceitful tactics and attack from the ground under their feet. Though deceitful, this large creature is slow and easy to counter when enraged. With the use of the Pounder Fusion Karakuri, players will have no problem dealing with it. Recommend also to bring piercing weapons with wind elemental damage as well.

Golden Tempest

  • Location: Akikure Canyon
  • As the fastest Kemono there is in Wild Hearts, this large creature can fire projectiles from its mouth or tail and has the ability to pull and push players with its wind manipulation. Since it is massive in size, avoiding its attacks will be hard. Best use piercing weapons and have very durable armor prepared when facing this large creature. Not only that, but make sure that these weapons have fire and earth elemental attributes prepared as well.


  • Location: Akikure Canyon
  • Goldshard is a slow-moving creature that has plenty of well-telegraphed attacks. It will often use projectiles so staying close is needed. Recommended weapon types to use are piercing and blunt and elemental attributes to use are wind and plant.


  • Location: Fuyufusagi Fort
  • Similar to the Kingtusk, players will need to be careful in approaching this Mammoth. It will use mostly charge attacks. However, using the same tactic as the Kingtusk, this creature is weak against fire attacks and weapons that can pierce and do blunt damage are effective against it.


  • Location: Blossom Trail
  • Another plant-based creature that makes use of its vine attacks that can be shot from the ground at a whim. Make sure to equip piercing and slashing-type weapons including those with fire attributes to deal with the vines. Beware and dodge its vine attacks, which can stagger you and leave you vulnerable to its destructive charge attacks especially when enraged.


  • Location: Spirit Isle, Blossom Trail & Akikure Canyon
  • Among the Kemonos that players will face in Chapter 1, this one has high maneuverability and strong attacks that makes it impervious to fire attacks. To deal with such a creature, players will need slashing and piercing type weapons with water elemental attributes. Also, weapons with special ailments that affect monsters are useful since the Lavaback is highly susceptible to getting poisoned or might get drowsy.


  • Location: Blossom Trail
  • This large creature is a Goldshard variant and has the same moveset and weaknesses. Fighting this Kemono is easy and if players have managed to level up and improve their weapons and armor, it will go down easily. If players are having a hard time, use the Harpoon Karakuri to keep it down.


  • Location: Natsukodachi Isle
  • The Pearlbeak is like the Fumebeak in that it has dangerous dive attacks and a devastating spin attack that will test even the best hunter defenses. It can create a burst of water after it attacks. Using weapons such as the Harppon Karakuri is the best option to deal with it as it is weak to earth elemental damage and both blunt and piercing damage as well


  • Location: Blossom Trail
  • Description: Fairly easy to take down and weak to fire elements. Players should use slashing and blunt weapons to defeat it as well if they have access to the Torch Karakuri to deal some extra damage to this large rodent.


  • Location: Fuyufusagi Fort & Spirit Isle
  • Like the Dreadclaw, The Ripclaw has the same weakness and moveset. Only the ability to put hunters to sleep with any one of its attacks is the single thing that sets it apart. Using weapons that can do slash attacks imbued with fire elemental attacks is the best course of action against it.


  • Location: Blossom Trail
  • This giant plant Kemono is weakest to getting slashed or pierced. It is also weak to getting burned by flame attacks. The most reliable weapon to take down this large pollen is the use of the Spring Karakuri.


  • Location: Spirit Isle & Blossom Trail
  • This giant spider is one of the most fruitful encounters that players will face in Wild Hearts as this will be the perfect opportunity to unlock the Pounder Fusion Karakuri. To defeat this large arachnid, players will need weapons that use either plant or fire attributes and must blunt-type weapons.


  • Location: Akikure Canyon
  • Similar to the Ragetail, this rodent can make a hunter drowsy and summons a wave of mice to heal itself or attack players. Ignoring the waves of mice is the best action and focusing on the alpha will be the key. Avoiding getting hit by spores and using slashing and blunt weapons with fire attributes is the key to success.


  • Location: Natsukodachi Isle
  • The best way to defeat the Venomglider is by using weapons like the Harpoon Karakuri. This creature, which is a variant of the Spineglider, is susceptible to earth elemental damage as well as both blunt and piercing damage. Additionally, it has the ability to poison hunters.

And that’s our guide on all the Giant Kemonos found in Wild Hearts. Feel free to check out our other Wild Hearts-related articles and guides as well.

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