Wild Hearts: How To Unlock Weapons

How To Unlock More Weapons in Wild Hearts


In Wild Hearts, players can forge and equip weapons that will give them the advantage to hunt various monsters. Each weapon has its own skill, specialty, and weaknesses but the main question though is how to unlock more Weapons in Wild Hearts. In this guide, players will know more about it and more, so read on and enjoy.

All Weapon Types in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts - Weapons

Early in the game, players will unlock a Karakuri called the Field Forge, and in this area, players can use this to craft or enhance weapons, craft new armor, or switch between weapons. Plus, they can only craft five different weapons at the start but will be able to craft three more once you reach Chapter 2. The types of weapons found in the game are:

  • Karakuri Katana
    • It is the first weapon players get in the game and, most likely, the first one they will master eventually. This long sword is mid-weight, easy to handle, and delivers attacks in a short range
  • Nodachi
    • This massive huge weapon deals massive damage in close-range combat and is fairly easy to handle. Its shape resembles that of a giant chopping knife.
  • Bow
    • If a player wants to focus on long-range attacks, the bow is the weapon best suited for this play style. With the other attack commands, players can change how they hold the Bow horizontally or vertically.
  • Bladed Wagasa
    • With the shape of an umbrella, this lightweight weapon can deal damage at close range and allows players to easily parry incoming attacks.
  • Maul
    • The Maul is considered to be the heaviest weapon to be used in the game. It delivers maximum-impact attacks as well as high-mobility attacks and can greatly damage nearby Kemono and any Karakuri in range.
  • Canon
    • The Canon is one of three weapons you’ll be able to get after reaching Chapter 2 and this heavy long-range weapon is worth the use as it can deal damage with either a charge shot or rapid shot.
  • Clawblade
    • Clawblade is another weapon of the 3 that can be unlocked after reaching Chapter 2 and it is a lightweight weapon that allows players to perform quick attacks in aerial combat.
  • Karakuri Staff
    • After reaching chapter 2, players can craft the Karakuri Staff and this weapon is one that can changes form in every attack. This weapon can change from a twin fang to a giant shuriken to a war pike and to a long staff. The combos using this weapon are endless and unique.

How To Unlock Weapons In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts - How To Unlock More Weapons

To unlock all the weapons in Wild Hearts, you need to complete Chapter 1 of the story. Here’s exactly what to do in order to complete Chapter 1 and unlock the remaining weapons:

  • Complete hunting the Kingtusk to unlock access to the village of Minato.
  • Travel to Natsukodachi Island and defeat the Spineglider
  • Complete all the Main Quests to Defeat The Lavaback and the Gritdog
  • Complete The Earthshaker Mission
  • After doing all the steps and enjoying the festival speak to Natsume at The Forge.

After following these steps, players can not only craft the 1st 5 weapons in the game but also, the Cannon, The Clawblade, and The Kakuri Staff.

And that’s our guide on how to unlock weapons in Wild Hearts. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our other Wild Hearts-related articles and guides.