Where to Get Large Scale in Wild Hearts

Get these Scales by hunting a Specific Kemono

Where to Get Large Scale in Wild Hearts

Large Scales in Wild Hearts are essential materials used for crafting the appropriate gear necessary for optimal hunting. Large Scales, though, aren’t going to be listed in your cyclopedia, so you might be wondering where you can farm some. Read on, and we’ll break down the most efficient methods for acquiring large scales.

What are Large Scales in Wild Hearts?

Large Scale is a type of forging material obtained from small kemonos. However, this material won’t be accessible until you progress through a certain chapter of the game, which we’ll be discussing below.

How to Get Large Scale in Wild Hearts

The best way to get Large Scales is by killing Sparkshower Monitors or Springwatch Monitors. However, this specific material will only drop after players reach Chapter 3 of the Main Story. So there’s no point in killing these beasts if you haven’t progressed further into the game.

Sparkshower Monitor - How to Get Large Scale in Wild Hearts

Sparkshower Monitors are first seen on Spirit Isle or Natsukodachi Isle. Nevertheless, after chapter three you will obtain the Mighty Kemono upgrade and the events of the game will cause Sparkshower monitors to spawn in Akikure Canyon and begin dropping Large Scales upon death.

Refer to the map below for the specific location where you can start farming Sparkshower Monitors:

Sparkshower Monitors will ensure a Large Scale for each kill. You can also use your Detailed Map to keep an eye out for Small Kemonos. To do so, select the small Kemono filter located in the screen’s lower left corner, and then navigate to any of the map’s circular icons to reveal the corresponding Kemono.

What are Large Scales used for in Wild Hearts?

Players can use large scales to upgrade and craft weapons in Wild Hearts. However, weapon crafting and upgrades won’t be available until you reach chapter 2 of the game.

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