Wild Hearts PC Performance Patch Out Now

Players are not convinced of this new patch due to remaining issues.

EA and Omega Force have now released the first and much-needed Wild Hearts PC performance patch but it seems PC players are not satisfied with its “changes.”

When the original version of Wild Hearts came out on day one, a lot of players complained about a lot of issues including performance, visuals, framerates, and a lot more. In short, the PC version did not perform well and it needed a much-needed patch that could finally improve the visuals, improve framerates, remove stutter, and fix various bugs. In response, Omega Force quickly promised fans new improvements and fixes in the next patch.

The latest patch has now arrived and has addressed various issues like the unintentional CPU cap, fixing the missing or delayed sounds, fixing the rendering issue, and remove the save corrupt bug. Unfortunately, this new patch was not enough.

Various PC players have now reported that while it does fix bugs and make changes, these were only a few in number and not the complete fix. Issues are still there like stutters are still present, slow performance and various other issues even though their PC specs are above the recommended specifications.

On the game’s official subreddit, the developers have not responded to these new complaints, but they could be making a new patch to fix more issues. For now, the PC version is still not on peak condition.

Here are the patch notes for the latest PC patch:

  • Fixed an issue where certain high-end CPUs were being unintentionally capped. High-end PC’s should see some performance improvements now.
  • Fixed an issue where some sounds were not playing or were being delayed, causing the audio to stack. This ‘audio stacking’ issue was also causing strain on players’ CPU. As a result of this fix, players should see performance improvements across the board. The workaround using 5.1/7.1 audio is no longer necessary on PC.
  • Setting default resolution to 16:9 1080p on first boot. The recommended spec for WILD HEARTS is aligned to a 16:9 1080p display, for first time users this will now be the default setting. You can change this setting to the resolution of your choice in-game.
  • Fixed render issue (disco lights) when using an AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX.
  • Fixed an issue on the save/load screen that could result in corrupted save data.
wild hearts pc performance patch

Wild Hearts is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.