Where to Get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts

Get Pointed Scales by hunting a Specific Kemono

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Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts are essential materials that’s used to craft armor and weapons to survive the waves of kemonos that players will face now and soon. Read on, and we’ll break down the most efficient methods for acquiring pointed scales.

What are Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts?

Pointed Scale is a type of forging material dropped by lizard-type kemonos. They are common to find and are easy to get as long as there are kemonos that can drop this particular item. However, this material won’t be accessible until you progress through a certain chapter of the game, which we’ll be discussing below.

How to Get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts

To get Pointed Scales, players will need to find Shardshower monitors. They are mostly found in Fuyufusagi Fort’s subsection areas, but they can also be found in the snow regions of the Derelict Castle. They are very easy to find, and players can track these small kemonos on the map.

How to Get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts

Another method of getting the pointed scales is through the search for Nightshade monitors. They are similar to Shardshower monitors, but they are more toxic and poisonous. Finding them is simple, as they are mostly found in Akikure Canyon. But do note that this monster rarely drops scales and mostly drops Lizard Bloom.

What are Pointed Scales used for in Wild Hearts?

What are Pointed Scales used for in Wild Hearts?

Players can use Pointed Scales to upgrade and craft weapons in Wild Hearts. However, weapon crafting and upgrades won’t be available until you reach chapter 2 of the game.

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