Wild Hearts Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are some tips to get you on your way to getting the platinum in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is an Action RPG in the vein of Monster Hunter. They share many of the mechanics that are staples in the subgenre; hunting monsters for upgrades and having to eat food for instance. But what sets the game apart from its contemporary is its use of Karakuri – ancient machines of limitless potential.

In this trophy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting the Platinum trophy for Wild Hearts. Strap yourselves in! we’re in for a bumpy ride.

There are 49 trophies to acquire in total:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 2 Gold trophies
  • 10 Silver trophies
  • 36 Bronze trophies

Wild Hearts Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • WILD HEARTS: Obtained all trophies

Gold trophies

  • Vanquisher of the Volatile: Successfully hunted a deeply volatile kemono in all areas
  • Tsukumo Whisperer: Successfully befriended 200 tsukumo

Silver trophies

  • Reincarnation Cycle Stopper: Successfully hunted the source kemono, deep inside the sacred mountain
  • Export Conjuror: Successfully conjured 1000 basic karakuri
  • Relentless Kemono Hunter: Successfully finished 300 kemono
  • Single MInded: Successfully finished 50 kemono with a single weapon type
  • Volatile Vocation: Successfully hunted your first deeply volatile kemono
  • Flawless Crystal: Successfully finished a kemono before it could land a single attack on you
  • Unrivaled in Arms: Successfully obtained an extremely valuable weapon
  • Superlative View: Successfully completed all building extensions and restorations
  • Threaded Harmony: Successfully enlarged a single pit as much as possible
  • Haven Hunter: Successfully opened up all possible camps.

Bronze trophies

  • Land of the Rising Sun: Successfully reached Azuma, where kemono roam free
  • Mountain Splitter: Successfully hunted the heartbreaker that appeared along the Harugasumi Way
  • Bonds of Enmity: Successfully hunted the deathstalker ensconced in Fuyufusagi Fort
  • Axer of Auspice: Successfully downed Amaterasu following the attack on Minato
  • Commencing of Quests: Successfully completed your first for a citizen of Minato
  • Budding Conjuror: Successfully conjured 200 basic karakuri
  • Karakuri Minato: Successfully conjured 15 dragon karakuri in Minato
  • Karakuri Trail: Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri along the Harugasumi Way
  • Karakuri Isle: Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri on Natsukodachi Isle
  • Canyon of Karakuri: Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri in Akikuri in Akikure Canyon
  • Karakuri Fortress: Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri at Fuyufusagi Fort
  • Fusion Conjuror: Successfully conjured a fusion karakuri 50 times
  • Memory Rouser: Successfully awakened 20 types of karakuri
  • Distance Devourer: Successfully traveled a distance of 10,000 meters by karakuri
  • Master of the Skies: Successfully flew 150 meters with a glider
  • Man-Machine Master: Successfully used a karakuri attack 100 times
  • Counter Specialist: Successfully deflected 20 kemono attacks using fusing karakuri
  • Subsistence Skills: Successfully completed your first food processing
  • Left Arm Leverager: Successfully activated your “hunter’s arm” 30 times
  • Kemono Hunter: Successfully finished 30 kemono
  • Mighty Marmelizer: Successfully finished a mighty kemono inside 5 minutes
  • Fair Means or Foul: Successfully inflicted a status ailment upon a kemono 20 times
  • Tender Touch: Successfully petted a small kemono 30 times
  • Snare Specialist: Successfully caught 100 creatures in the wilderness
  • Style Seeker: Successfully dyed armor for the first time
  • Human Believer: Reach the limits of human-path affinity by modifying armor
  • Kemono at Heart: Reach the limits of kemono-path affinity by modifying armor
  • Unrivaled in Arms: Successfully obtained an extremely valuable weapon
  • Bewitched by Bathing: Successfully developed every different restorative bath
  • Hidden History: Successfully obtained your first document
  • Superlative View: Successfully completed all building extensions and restorations
  • Big Spender: Spent 30,000 on goods from the store
  • Jack of All Trades; Successfully obtained 90 seals from Nobumitsu
  • Quintessence of Form: Successfully enhanced one tsukumo form to the maximum
  • Team Hunter: Successfully completed 20 quests online
  • Artful Assister: Successfully provided assistance 5 times
  • Helpful Heart: Successfully revived a fellow hunter online for the first time
  • Charmed by the Hunt: Successfully gathered your first talisman from the wilderness

If you’ve played any other Monster Hunter game, then you know what I’m going to say next. Wild Hearts is going to take some patience and dedication to Platinum. While the game doesn’t require you to take down monsters in a specific way, you will need to do a lot of farming.

You need upgrades to unlock many trophies and unlock those upgrades, you’ll need to farm a sizable amount of resources. Then you’ll want to invest all that material into better armor and weapons to help you knock off the armor and weapon upgrade-related trophies.

To save yourself a headache down the line, you should really get into the habit of breaking parts. This will save you a lot of time going back and farming the same creatures for a rare piece you need for an upgrade.

From experience playing Wild Hearts, you get a fair number of trophies just by doing all the things that help get an upper hand in your hunts. Things like setting up dragon karakuri, opening up well nodes, awakening your collection of karakuri – all these things count toward trophy progression. Even simple acts like drying food shouldn’t be overlooked if you don’t want to spend hours setting up rows of dying racks.

Befriending 200 tsukumo is every bit of a hassle it sounds like. Actually, it’s worse considering some of these little buggers are hidden places only a construct can help you get to them. There’s also the thing about 50 tsukumo present in each region. If that sounds an Easter Egg Hunter, it totally is. At least the eggs produce block clicking sound whenever your hunter is close to them. And finally, collecting tsukumo is what you need to unlock the Quintessence of Form bronze trophy.

On a final note, be aware that there are 3 trophies tied to online play. They are the Team Hunter, Artful Assister, and Helpful Heart. You need these trophies to unlock Platinum. It’s a good thing then that we have the option to open our world to fellow hunters and they can drop in and aid in the hunt.

And that’s all we have right now for this Wild Hearts platinum trophy guide. Take your time and enjoy everything the game has to offer. It’s very rare for a passion project to get the amount of support the way this game has received from the publisher. See you next time, trophy hunter.

Check out the official story trailer courtesy of the Wild Hearts Youtube channel.

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