Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List

What Are The Best Weapons to Use In Wild Hearts

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Wild Hearts is a game where it will test the skills of players against some of the most fearsome beasts that they will face alone or with friends online. To fight them off, players will need a variety of weapons and each has its own strengths and weakness. This guide will let players know all the weapons tier rankings, so read on and enjoy.

Weapon Tier List of Wild Hearts

S-Tier Weapons

Bladed Wagasa - S Tier - Weapons - Wild Hearts
  • Karakuri Staff
    • This weapon is the best one to use in Wild Hearts. Using this weapon, attacks of it will become more agile and easy to use. It can change form and because of it, endless combos and techniques from various ranges can be used against any type of enemy.
  • Bladed Wagasa
    • If players have managed to master the ability to parry incoming attacks, the Bladed Wagasa can do a lot more damage than what players expected. Using this weapon, players can do aerial attacks, graceful strikes, and coordinated slashes to defeat enemies in an instant. But be sure to master the timing of using it.

A-Tier Weapons

Bow - A - Tier - Wild Hearts - Weapons
  • Karakui Katana
    • As the first weapon to use in the game, it is the most balanced weapon and is perfect for slashing enemies at close range. It offers various styles of striking opponents and can do extended combo chains that put players at an unexpected advantage.
  • Bow
    • For those who want to use a long-range style of fighting, a bow is a great weapon to use. It allows players to swap between two stances variations and uses resonance damage with two different arrow types to take down Kemono from a distance. With this skill, players can find themselves at a safe distance and avoid things from getting ugly.
  • Claw Blade
    • If speed and agility are what players are after, the Clawblade presents this feature. In exchange for some minimal damage to oneself, this weapon can give players the edge to move quickly in battle and perform unique aerial combos that can put down enemies in an instant.

B-Tier Weapons

Maul - B-Tier - Wild Hearts - Weapons
  • Maul
    • This weapon is considered to be a B-tier weapon as it decreases the speed and mobility of a player in exchange for heavy damage against enemies. Most of the beasts found later in the game are agile and quick on their feet. It is recommended not to use this weapon against them as it will make players an easy target to prey on.

C-Tier Weapons

Nodachi - C-Tier - Wild Hearts - Weapons
  • Nodachi
    • The Nodachi is personally a weapon I would not recommend using as it is a combination of a katana and a maul. Using this weapon will slow down the player’s movement and attack speed. Plus, it uses a lot of stamina, so players will need to reconsider whether they should use this weapon or not.
  • Hand Cannon
    • This long-range weapon can deal damage to enemies through explosions and beam attacks. Unfortunately, this weapon works more efficiently against smaller enemies early in the game and less against large tyrant beasts. Not only that, the aiming stability of the weapon is low which players will have a hard time adjusting.

And that’s all our weapons tier list for Wild Hearts. Hope you guys enjoy this article and if players are interested in more info, please check out our other Wild Hearts-related articles and guides.

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