Will Dead Island 2 be crossplay and cross-platform?

Is Dead Island 2 cross-platform play?

This guide will answer if Dead Island 2 has crossplay and cross-platform support. While these features have become increasingly popular in recent years, it ultimately depends on the game developer’s decision to include them in their game. Since it’s releasing on so many platforms, you could be asking if you can play with friends who aren’t on the same platform as you.

Read on, and we’ll tell you whether Dead Island 2 is crossplay and cross-platform.

Will Dead Island 2 be crossplay and cross-platform?

No, Dead Island 2 will not support crossplay and cross-platform multiplayer. There is no cross-gen multiplayer either. You can strictly only play with friends who are on the same platform.

Dead Island 2 has quite a lot of restrictions if you want to play your friends. You have to be playing on the same platform and on the same generation to connect to friends. The lack of any crossplay and cross-platform features for Dead Island 2 makes connecting with friends, who may prefer to play different platforms than yours, impossible.

The official Dead Island Twitter page confirmed that the game will not support crossplay. There’s also no hint that they’re planning to do so any time in the future. So keep this in mind if you’re planning on playing with a friend or two. You’ll have to agree on which platform you want to purchase the game on.

PS4 and Xbox One players also cannot host a coop game on launch. However the developers are planning on adding this feature in the future. Players who are playing on the last-gen consoles will have to wait longer if they want to start their co-op journey with their friends.

Dead Island 2 crossplay and cross-platform

The lack of Dead Island 2 cross-platform play features can be frustrating especially for a modern video game. We aren’t sure why Deep Silver isn’t implementing it but it may have to do with the game’s long development cycle.

Still if you are on the same platforms, you can play with up to two friends at the same time. If you’re looking for good old fashioned zombie killing fun, then Dead Island 2 is just right up your alley.

We hope this answers if Dead Island 2 will be crossplay and cross-platform.