Will Enshrouded be on Xbox Game Pass?

Considering Keen Games' history of games, will we get to see Enshrouded be available on Game Pass? Here's what you need to know

Will Enshrouded be on Xbox Game Pass

With the Xbox games lineup in 2024 being quite generous, and the current trend for survival games, you may wonder if Enshrouded will be included in the library. Given the limitless creativity of developers, trying out a cost-free, unique survival action RPG could be a worthwhile experience. Find out if Enshrouded will be available on Xbox Game Pass below.

Is Enshrouded coming to Xbox Game Pass?

As of writing, there is no information about Enshrouded coming to Xbox Game Pass. More specifically, players can currently purchase and play the game on PC through Steam as early access.

When there is just one platform available, the availability of crossplay and cross-progression is likewise eliminated, but this doesn’t entirely remove the possibility of having one and being included in future Game Pass libraries.

Enshrouded early access could be tentative, but as far as Keen Games is hinting, we’ll probably get to see the game added to the game pass once it officially releases across platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. We’ll make sure to update this page as soon as more details become available.

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