Will Sony Restrict PSN To Save Bandwidth?

Internet service providers have been insistent that they could take the increased demand of people using the internet due to quarantines all around the globe. However, it seems that some streaming services have already taken action to lower the quality of their videos in order to save data consumption. Netflix is one of those services that dropped their streaming quality, at least in Europe. But what about game networks such as PSN?

Online gaming doesn’t take as much data consumption as one would think in comparison to video streaming. But gaming with people online is just a small part of what PSN does. There are stores–transactions of what people buy online. And with game retail stores around closing down, downloading games online seems to be the only viable option to get the latest titles to your console. And there are also those who use the services of PS Now to stream games real time.

Right now, it’s difficult to say that PSN will be affected due to this quarantine. Although internet service providers have done a rather good job of keeping everyone connected through online networks, prolonged quarantine conditions can change the way PSN provides services for the worse.

Source: PushSquare