Witch’s Broomstick Location in Fortnite

Broomy, broomy, toil and trouble.

Fortnite’s Fortnitemares for 2021 is well underway and one thing that would make the event really cool for players is being able to surf on a Witch’s Broomstick and that’s exactly what we’re getting. So let’s get to looking for this Mythic item.

Witch’s Broomstick Location in Fortnite

Well, there are two ways we can go about getting the Broomstick and that’s finding one from Floor Loot and eliminating someone that happens to have one. So let’s try to focus on the non-lethal option. Players can get the Broomstick from any wooden barrel location on the map. The spawn rate is guaranteed at 100%.

Fortnite Witch's Broomstick as floor loot.

A good place to get it would be at the new Cube Town that’s in the middle of the map. Why Cube Town you may ask, well that’s because there’s a lot of Floor Loot to go around. Another good option would be to go to the Sideways and get some Floor Loot there.

How to Land While Riding A Witch’s Broom in Fortnite

Once you pick up your handy dandy Broomstick all you have to do is use the Broomstick by pressing the shooting button to fly around for a few seconds and land. Do this five times and you’ll have completed the challenge associated with it and 2,800 XP. Do be careful of any glitches that might happen though like the progress not showing until the next match.

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