Wonder Woman by Monolith Possibly Not Launching This Year

The job posting seems a bit suspicious.

A recent job listing on Monolith Productions might be a clue that upcoming video game Wonder Woman will take longer to release.

Monolith Productions is the developer behind the famous Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War titles. These games are also famous for its awesome Nemesis System, which generates random mid-boss enemies that players have to fight in these games and they adapt depending on the abilities of the protagonist. Since it is them behind Wonder Woman, it is expected that the Nemesis System is coming back and fans could not wait. It seems they will have to wait longer if this theory is to be believed.

Some fans are worried that the Wonder Woman game will be launched 2 or more years than the expected 2022 release with the recent job posting they found on the official website of the developers. It was a posting for a Senior World Designer with a 2-Year Temporary contract.

While the job posting does not specifically states Wonder Woman as its primary focus of the role, there are no other titles that are scheduled for release. This position could include the game and maybe after that, but it is unlikely if the position is still needed after the launch of the game if the release was going to be 2022.

There is no official announcement to confirm this so take this with a grain of salt.

Wonder Woman is still in development.