Worlds We Want To See in Kingdom Hearts 3

Sadly we aren’t going to be seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 any time soon according to the series director, Tetsuya Nomura. It’s kind of unsurprising given Square Enix’s track record with how they’ve released their staple franchises as of late. Also, not many details have been given either since the title’s announcement. Hopefully it won’t be as long as a wait that we had to endure with Final Fantasy XV.

A good thing that does come out of this is that we, as fans, can still feel the magic of imagining “what could be.” A big thing that every Kingdom Hearts fan likes to predict or wish for with every installment, are the various Disney worlds that could be in the game. They’re one of the core ingredients to making a great Kingdom Hearts game, so here are the worlds I want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Star Wars


Let’s address the elephant in the room; ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, it was just a no-brainer to have Sora and the gang decimating a bunch of heartless consumed by the dark side of the force. This stuff just writes itself for fan faction writers on Tumblr. It would probably be set during the events of Force Awakens, or what ever the latest Star Wars movie is at that time when the game finally comes out; as we all know this franchise is a way of promotion for Disney as well.

We could have Finn or Rey as companions, as we try to solve the mystery of why Kylo Ren is helping whichever incarnation of Xehanort to obtain Kingdom Hearts. Also, there are numerous amount of characters to choose from as summons; Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, or even BB-8. May the force be with Sora, if this ever happens.

Inside Out


This one I feel they could do a lot of interesting things with, in terms of character development with Sora and the gang. Given the themes of Inside Out, we could see how Sora truly feels with all that has happened to him; how is whole world was just suddenly changed over night. This can definitely affect someone deeply emotionally and psychologically. I don’t expect the series to go too deep with this, but it would be a great character study of Sora or even Donald and Goody. I’m sure they have some feelings towards always being dubbed second or supporting characters.

It would also be easy to incorporate with the story of Inside Out, how the heartless are corrupting Riley’s emotions, thoughts, and causing things to go awry in her head. Plus, I feel it would be cute to get Anger as a summon and just explode on a bunch of heartless.

Toy Story


Reliving the events of Toy Story 3 would sure be a tearjerker, seeing Andy finally say good bye to his toys as he finally starts growing up is never easy. This could also be a parallel to Sora’s situation as he’s also growing up and may have to let go of certain things. This isn’t new to the series, but the world of Toy Story would sure help bring this theme back up again as we are about to witness big events in Kingdom Hearts 3.

As for summons and companions, it’d be cool to have Buzz Lightyear as a party member and Rex as a summon. Buzz would fend off enemies with his laser pointer and fall with style, while Rex would roar at a crowd of heartless.


USA TODAY SNEAK PEEK - ZOOTOPIA FOR FIRST USE ON 6/10/15 Teaser Trailer Image ñ Pictured (L-R): Nick Wilde (voice of Jason Bateman), Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin). "It's a nod to the great Disney animated animal films we all grew up with, but with a funny, contemporary twist," said director Rich Moore (ìWreck-It Ralph,î ìThe Simpsonsî). "The worlds our artists have created are unbelievableóthere's so much international flavor in one mammal metropolis. And animals: big ones, little onesñ the artists and animators did tons of research, cleverly integrating true animal natures into each character.î ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved. [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

In Zootopia, it would definitely be a jolly good time exploring the big city full different animals and how architecture is adapted to each species. Plus, it’d be cute to see Sora as an anthropomorphic animal. For Donald and Goofy, however, not much would have to be changed as they’d fit right in. As for story, I could see Sora helping Judy Hopps with her struggle of being in a whole new environment. Sora is well versed in being a fish out of water, so relating with Judy should be no problem.

We have got to see the Breaking Bad-esque Ram, Woolter, as a summon. He’d shoot night howler pellets or even possibly night howler bombs at heartless causing them to enrage and attack their own kind. Of course, all the summons in the franchise are good characters not evil, so it would be a first for the series.




The last time we had an ocean themed world, things were a bit divisive to say the least. I know a lot of people could have gone without the awkward swimming controls and singing Under the Sea in Atlantica. Hopefully things will go better with a Moana world, given not much swimming but a lot of sailing happens. It would definitely be a gorgeous setting to go through, especially given the power of what this current generation can pump out. Just imagining what that ocean water would look like is making my zippers and giant pockets tingle.

Moana herself would be an awesome addition to the party, given her strong and adventurous nature. Her connection with the ocean and how it interacts with her would be great to see in action against the heartless. Maui would also be a great party member option as well due to his ability to shape-shift into different animals. As for an addition to summons, it would have to be the chicken. Seeing its dumb face just mindlessly walk into heartless would be hilarious, especially if the damage it could deal would be exorbitantly high.

Of course, there are plenty more worlds that would be great additions to the series, but here are the ones I feel would be great. We can never get enough Kingdom Hearts in my opinion, so hopefully all the worlds in the Disney universe may be represented in future installments. This of course is all up to Tetsuya Nomura and the executives at Disney, so until we hear any more news about the third installment and when it comes out, all we can do is just hope and wish for what could be.