WWE 2K22 Servers to Shut Down Early Next Year

Surprisingly the shortest time period for a WWE game in recent years.

WWE 2K22 MyFaction Mode

2K has officially confirmed that WWE 2K22 servers will be shut down early next year.

It is now official: 2K is planning to close WWE 2K22’s online services on January 3, 2024. All of the online services will permanently be closed like online modes and functions. It suggested that it would be the “perfect time to upgrade” to the latest entry to the series, WWE 2K23.

“WWE 2K22 servers will be discontinued as of January 3rd, 2024,” said 2K on the official Twitter account. “All online modes & functions, including online matches & community Creations, will no longer be available. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to #WWE2K23 Thank you for all the support!”

Surprisingly, this is the shortest time period for a WWE game in recent years. Most entries have longer periods of operating time compared to this one. It seems the company is planning to do this to future entries too.

Our resident reviewer rated the game a solid 8 saying, “Overall, the game is great and worth the asking price.” WWE 2K22 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.