Xbox App Getting Updated Featuring Custom Gamerpics and Game Library

According to a recent post on social media, the Xbox App will be updated soon and will be coming to iOS.

The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren recently posted on his official Twitter account that game company Microsoft will be improving the Xbox App soon for iOS. He revealed that the latest beta version of the app allows users to customize their gamerpic and see their game library without any issues.

The current version of the app would only allow users to see what games are popular, friend activity, friends list, chats, screenshots that players got on Xbox Live, a limited management of the console, and browsing the profile. The new version will add some very useful features.

No video has been uploaded to showcase how efficient this new update will offer, but assuming it offers this much convenience, it could slow down a bit. In any case, this new update will be handy for any Xbox player who wants to check their console contents on the fly with a mobile phone.

Xbox App is available for iOS and Android compatible phones.