Xbox Controllers Short on Supply Confirmed by Microsoft

No word yet on when supplies are coming back.

Xbox Series X controller

Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox Controllers are short on supply.

According to media outlet VGC, major retail stores in multiple regions have confirmed that they have now sold out units of Xbox Wireless Controllers. In particular, these controllers are very rare to find across Europe for some reason.

UK stores confirm that there are currently no controllers in any color in stock at retailers like GAME, Smyths, Argos, and even the official store of Microsoft. They do not have stock of the most important peripheral of the Xbox consoles.

Currently, Amazon UK and a few retailers have stock of the controller, the Carbon Black one. Third-party prices are quite expensive too, double the original price.

Other regions like Australia, France, Germany, and the Netherlands have little stock of the said controllers. Resetera forum users have reported such.

When inquired by VGC, Microsoft answered and confirmed that supplies are quite low right now.

“We know it may be hard finding Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply disruptions,” a Microsoft spokesperson revealed. “We’re working as fast as possible with our manufacturing and retail partners to improve this. Please check with your local retailer for availability.”

There seems to be stock in many stores in the US, but some retail sites like Amazon US and GameStop are currently selling pre-owned ones. This just confirms that supplies are also not that much.

xbox controller

No word on the reason for the low supply of Xbox Controllers.

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