Xbox is “Not Done” Acquiring More Game Studios Says Phil Spencer

Xbox Game Studios will continue to grow larger.

In another part of the discussion by Xbox Head Phil Spencer, he states that they are “not done” buying more game studios for their expansion.

Spencer shared this in the recent Wall Street Journal WSJ Tech Live event (paywall) via VGC. He revealed that Xbox Game Studios is still not done expanding and will acquire more studios adding to their already 23 development studios working for them.

“I’m really proud of some of the creators that have chosen to become part of Xbox,” Spencer shared. “So many of these creators, they have choice.”

Spencer revealed that most of the studios that have joined them have actually had a long-term relationship with them. Now that they are part of Xbox Game Studios, they have seen their roadmap on platform and service. He just wants these studios to make their creative work as part of their team.

Xbox offers these studios financial stability, Spencer adds. He thinks that this is not just about the success of their next game, but he wants to give them more creative capability and longer timelines so that they can have the best results. Compared to being on their own or on other publishers, they are constrained by short deadlines, giving them pressure and thus resulting in bad results.

Spencer stated that they are on the lookout for people that could be worthy to be under their wing and those who are a “good match with our strategy.” He confirms that they are not definitely done acquiring more studios.

The Xbox head even said that there is no quota nor timeline for their campaign. He proudly says that one of the privileges being under Microsoft is the ability to become better together. He also stressed that each studio must retain its independence because they want lasting relationships with them, just like he shared in previous interviews.

Xbox Game Studios will definitely get bigger and bigger in the coming years.