Xbox Live Reveals Lockdown Created Over 270 Million New Friend Relationships

The coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of countries implement certain measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus to other communities. Many have opted to lockdown areas and have kept many people inside their homes and only to leave for groceries and other necessities. For many gaming community, this has been a time to catch up with friends and play with backlog games.

Xbox Executive Phil Spencer has revealed certain information in a recent interview with news publication BBC about its friend relationships statistics on Xbox Live.

According to Spencer, gaming has always been a social activity, which meant it has connected a lot of gamers all around the world especially in these times. He revealed that there have been over 270 million new friend relationships created on Xbox Live.

This meant that many people are playing together with their existing friends. They are also trying to find new friends online as they play together with certain games. It is good that everyone is somehow connected and socializing with other people, even if it is just through a game.

Interview source: BBC