Xbox Has No Interest in Developing VR Hardware States Spencer

All focus is on software and no interest on VR.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer has recently shared that the game company has no interest in making any VR hardware and will stay out of its market.

In a recent discussion as part of the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Tech Live event (paywalled) via VGC, Spencer discussed about the reason for Xbox not taking on the VR market and being content of what they have instead of competing with PlayStation.

At first, Spencer stated that he admires the work that PlayStation and other game companies are doing for the virtual reality gaming market. He just thinks Xbox has no interest in making their own VR headset and they remain focused on the software.

Spencer discussed that when everyone talks about immersion, everyone thinks of mixed reality, virtual reality, and even the metaverse. Many game companies, including Xbox are “big believers” in that software platform and the devices that enable it, but their company will focus more on the software side.

Xbox is more invested now on the connection with the player and the community and with the help of immersive worlds. While others are manufacturing new devices to enable better immersion in those fantastic gaming worlds, Spencer thinks they are more focused on the software side of that enablement. He believes that “it will scale better in the long run.”