Xbox Series S/X Reveal Supposed to be Next Week According to Phil Spencer

In a recent social media post by Xbox Head Phil Spencer, he confirmed that the reveal of the next-gen consoles Xbox Series S/X was supposed to happen in the near future.

Spencer revealed that the official reveal of the next-gen consoles was supposed to be sometime next week. It was unfortunate that it got leaked early, but he was glad that the team handled the “unscripted announcement” with ease. He was happy that the reactions from the gaming community were great.

The Xbox boss acknowledged that the wait for the price, date, and pre-order date was long, but he was glad that fans were patiently waiting for them to make it official. He thanked them for their support and encouragement.

It is a good thing that the Xbox team handled this accidental reveal with ease and got a warm response from the fans anyway. Some critics are even impressed with the details and were not very negative about it. Some are even expecting some results when the next-gen consoles launch this coming Nov. 10.