Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition Recycles Reclaimed CDs, Water Jugs and More

Looking good while celebrating Earth Day!

Microsoft has recently revealed the new Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition which is made of unique materials.

Earth Day is around the corner and Xbox is celebrating it in its own way. The company has created a new Xbox controller that features recovered plastics with one-third of it made from regrind and reclaimed materials. These materials include reclaimed CDs, water jugs, headlight covers, and actually other controllers’ parts.

Mixing post-consumer recycled resins with regrind consisting of previously molded colored parts creates custom, earth-tone colors with subtle variations, swirling, markings, and texturing. Leftover Xbox One generation controller parts have been regrinded into a raw material to bused to partially create new controllers.

This is Xbox’s way of recycling old plastics to be used as materials to create new accessories like the Xbox wireless controller for the Xbox Series consoles. Microsoft used colors from natural landscapes to design the Remix Special Edition controller like the earth-tone colors which create a patchwork effect. The bright green Xbox button, D-pad, and front case color are inspired by lichen found in the Pacific Northwest Forest, while the bumpers, triggers, and side grip areas feature a topographic texture pattern.

It also includes the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack which lets buyers play without using disposable batteries. It can be fully charged for up to 4 hours and has up to 30 hours of battery life per charge.

xbox wireless controller remix special edition

The Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition is now available for pre-order worldwide for only $84.99 USD and will be released on April 18, 2023.